Cocina Sunae (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Born in the United States, she is the daughter of an American father and two women: her Korean biological mother and the Filipino mother who brought her up. She spent her early childhood in Japan, and then returned to the USA, where she became fascinated with her grandfather’s vegetable garden.

However it was in the Philippines where she spent most of her childhood, and its cultural baggage has really left its mark on her.

Back in the USA she started right from the bottom in the restaurant business. Later on, in New York, she studied Business. Shortly afterwards, she went to Brazil, and finally, to Argentina. In 2009 she opened her first, closed-door restaurant in her own home. Cocina Sunae was a reencounter with the South east Asian flavours of her childhood.

In 2011 she took part in the television programme, ‘Gourmet Responde’. In 2013 she brought out her first book, ‘Sabores del Sudeste Asiático’.

After almost 7 years preparing and serving dinners in the privacy of her home, and given the success that Cocina Sunae had, she took the big step to a traditional restaurant and opened Sunae Asian Cantina in the Palermo neighbourhood.

She is currently finishing her second book, ‘Kusinera Filipina’, a book devoted to Filipino cooking and culture. She is also opening two new restaurants, one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and another one in Manila, in the Philippines.