Ambrosía Restaurant & Ambrosía Bistro

After finishing her studies, she and her family opened Restaurant Ambrosía in Santiago’s city centre in 2003.

For years, Carolina combined her work with travel in search of new ideas and flavours in different countries, such as Peru, Brazil, Italy, Thailand. In 2010, she decided to return to her formal studies and spent a year in Paris studying at Ferrandi and then working at Frenchie Restaurant with the chef Gregory Marchand.

Back in Chile in 2013, she led the reopening of Ambrosia in a new venue and with a new concept. The result is a modern family restaurant, off the classic gastronomic circuit, where fresh market products play leading role on a menu that changes every day depending on each season.

Today, with Ambrosia, Carolina has won several awards and recognitions both in Chile and abroad and recently opened a new restaurant in Providencia. The new venture is a project of her own with Rosario Onetto, an intimate, urban settingwhere bistronomy is the rule: Ambrosia Bistro.

Carolina has been a regular on the list of the Top 50 Restaurants in Latin America since 2014.

Together with Rosario Onetto, she is co-author of the book “De Temporada” (Editorial Planeta 2016).