We’ll come through this; we’ll help you to get through this. From the Vocento Gastronomy division, the Diario Vasco and GSR group, right from the very core of San Sebastián Gastronomika, we were convinced that we could not just simply disappear in such a complicated situation, and we have taken a step forward to tell you that we are with you. We’ll walk together.

That is why we decided to hold the congress; that is why we have thrown ourselves into preparing it, and that is why we can now announce a top-rate programme, that is especially useful for all of you. Constrained as we are by the situation that we are in, we have had to sharpen our wits to innovate once again in order to present a comprehensive programme that meets the expectations that we know that you have placed in us.

We won’t let you down. And we’ll be helping you with some interesting presentations and activities adapted to meet your situation which is also the one that we are in, that you really must make the most of. Gastronomika 20 is a token of our love for all of you. It’s all about once again bringing together this huge family, the one that has placed Spain right at the forefront of international cuisine. And we’re not coming down from there. All of us, Benjamín, Íñigo, Javier, as well as Andoni, Josean, Hilario, Karlos, Juan Mari, Eneko, Martín, Pedro and Elena –the technical committee-, and myself, on behalf of all of the congress, will ensure that this is the case. You can count on it.

In return, all we ask you to do is to hold out, and for us all to help each other, as we have always done, as we have progressed. The family is there when times get tough. Here you have yours. We’re heading back to the kitchens.

Roser Torras

Director of San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country