Image of Gastronomika Popular 2017

Officially, the congress begins on Monday, October 8. In fact, it begins the previous weekend when the events “Chef for a Day”, “Gastronomika Popular” and the inauguration of “Street Food” are held, this year featuring iconic Michelin-starred dishes and tapas from Spanish cuisine.

 As a novelty, Gastronomika is offering a 30% discount for the purchase of three of its activities inside the Kursaal Conference Centre and a 40% discount for the purchase of more than four. There is no excuse for not enjoying the 20th anniversary of San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country 2018 as you want to.

San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country 2018 (from October 8 to 10) is not only a congress for catering professionals, it is an event that gets a city and a province moving. Although the epicentre of the congress is inside the Kursaal Conference Centre, the organisation wants to involve everyone and, as it does every year, has prepared a set of activities to enjoy the cuisine and the magic of the congress without having to get a ticket. However, it is worth doing so, as there is a discount for purchasing more than one of the activities taking place inside the venue (30% for the purchase of three activities, 40% for the purchase of more than four). There is no excuse for not enjoying San Sebastian Gastronomika.

Feel like a Chef for a Day

For the fourth consecutive year, San Sebastian Gastronomika will gain an extra day and will celebrate the arrival of haute cuisine in the city on Saturday, October 6. The “Chef for a Day” event will be held at the Boulevard Kiosk in San Sebastian, where two adults and two children, winners of a draw carried out by El Diario Vasco, will share the kitchen with four chefs with a restaurant in Gipuzkoa. They will be Aitor Arregui (Elkano*, Getaria); Dani López (Kokotxa*, San Sebastian); Pablo Loureiro (Casa Urola, San Sebastian) and Rubén Trincado (El Mirador de Ulía*, San Sebastian) –  the latter repeating the experience – who, in an event that is open to the public and in an act of communion with the city, will cook in tandem with four non-professionals.

 Gastronomika Popular

On Sunday, October 7, attention will turn to the Kursaal, which will open its doors to host Gastronomika Popular, the open day at Gastronomika. This year, celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Popular day will feature cooking shows with two Basque chefs and two chefs from Valladolid, i.e. four masters of pintxos (tapas). Gastronomika will thus pay tribute to miniature cuisine by its prime movers, Valladolid and San Sebastian. From 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, Félix Manso (Felix Manso, Irun), Xabier Zabaleta (Aratz, San Sebastian), Víctor Marín (Trigo*, Valladolid) and Teo Rodríguez (Trasto, Valladolid) will take to the stage of the Kursaal Chamber Hall one after another to toast the successes achieved by the pintxo, the key to the success and popularity of Spanish cuisine.

Street Food goes for tapas and pintxos

Once the presentations are over, the activity will move to the porches of the Kursaal, where Street Food will kick off with two complementary offerings. On Sunday, following the thread of the presentations on offer, Street Food will offer four tapas from restaurants in Valladolid. They will be the marinated chicken with a jalapeño emulsion made by Teo Rodríguez (Trasto); cow’s/pig’s cheek waffle from Jesús Barbado Heras (Suite 22 Restaurant & Gin-Club); the winning tapa at the 11th Valladolid National Pintxos and Tapas Competition 2015, “Lechazo Taj-Mahal” (Taj Mahal suckling lamb) made by Alfonso García (Don Bacalao) and homemade mojama salad from Chisco Alonso (La Garrocha). Sunday’s Street Food will end at 7:00 pm.

Gastronomika Street Food will once again take to the porches of the Kursaal

The cuisine on the Kursaal porches from Monday to Wednesday will change. To commemorate the anniversary, this special edition of “Street Food” also wanted to pay tribute to our most popular cuisine and its most recognisable dishes and is offering recipes that have marked the resurgence of tradition under the umbrella of the contemporary gastronomic “revolution”, based on the culinary vision of great chefs, all of them with a Michelin star. Between 12:00 pm (midday) and 8:00 pm, you will be able to try cannelloni with truffle cream made by Carles Gaig (Gaig, Barcelona), Via Láctea croquettes made by Nacho Solana (Solana, Ampuero, Cantabria), “La Fabada de Casa Gerardo por la Catedral de Navarra” made by Marcos Morán (Casa Gerardo, Prendes, Asturias) and cod in green sauce made by Gorka Txapartegui (Alameda, Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa).

Street Food on the Sunday and on the days of the congress will be priced at 4 euros (1 pintxo plus a drink) or 6 euros (2 pintxos and a drink).

Discount for activities

Carme Ruscalleda, Quique Dacosta, Ángel León and Virgilio Martínez will chair a presentation with a tasting included on the Kursaal stage. Those who stay outside will not be left out either. San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country is a culinary congress, but it is a city congress. Without this link, neither the congress nor the success of Spanish gastronomy would be understood. The San Sebastian gastronomic congress will start in one week.