San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country 2019 will play host to the 1st Pintxos and Tapas Congress, a tribute to a sector that is increasingly in vogue.

Chefs Nandu Jubany, Enrique Fleischmann and Nacho Manzano and critics José Carlos Capel, Mitxel Ezquiaga and Xavier Agulló will make presentations in the Kursaal Chamber Hall on the morning of Wednesday, October 10.

Tickets for the Congress, which will present the first Keler Bar of Bars Award, can be obtained free of charge via the Gastronomika website.

Nandu Jubany, Enrique Fleischmann and Nacho Manzano will take part in the 1st Congress of Pintxos and Tapas, which San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country is organising for this edition. It will take place on the morning of Wednesday, October 10, when a dozen professionals will take to the stage of the Kursaal Chamber Hall to enhance and advance in the increasingly rich and busy sector of tapas, pintxos, bars and, in general, all new formats of miniature cuisine on offer.

With the idea of including this booming gastronomic area at the congress, Gastronomika is offering a programme based around various talks and presentations that map out the scene, from its more recreational to its more technical side, always featuring its leading lights. To this end, in addition to Jubany, Fleischmann and Manzano, who will responsible for closing the congress with a historical overview of the tapa, the event will also feature Carlos Bosch and Nuria España, from El Portal, the most visited gastrobar in Alicante; Paul Arrillaga, from El Zazpi, one of the leading pintxos bars in the centre of San Sebastian, and a representation of chefs and prominent figures from the sector in Valladolid, to show how tapas can change a city.

To round off a superb line-up, the Pintxos and Tapas Congress will also feature a chat between three gastronomic journalists (Mitxel Ezquiaga, José Carlos Capel and Xavier Agulló) about legendary tapas, and the presentation of the Keler Bar of Bars Award, the first edition of which will be awarded to the Bokado in San Sebastian, “one of the pioneers of the pintxo which has always known how to develop its cuisine from miniature cuisine”, in the words of the organisation.

The evolution of pintxos, vacuum tapas, miniature cuisine for cocktails and catering, the management of wines in bars and the contemporary vision of traditional tapas will be the themes covered by a congress within another congress, a section that Gastronomika is putting on for miniature cuisine due to its roots and importance, and which is open to professionals with free admission. Anyone interested can register through the congress.

The 1st Pintxos y Tapas Congress will take place within the scope of Gastronomika, but will have its own admission ticket. To attend, anyone interested must register beforehand, completely free of charge, through the Activities section of the Gastronomika website, by clicking on this link.

Programme for the 1st Pintxos and Tapas Congress

Wednesday, October 10

10:00 – 10:30 am The evolution of the pintxo

Paul Arrillaga, El Zazpi – San Sebastian

10:35 – 11:05 am Vaccum tapas

Enrique Fleischmann, Txoko – Getaria, sponsored by Sammic

11:10 – 11:55 am Valladolid. How the pintxo can change a city

12:00 – 12:30 pm Miniature cooking for cocktails/catering

Nandu Jubany, Can Jubany – Calldetenes

12:35 -1:20 pm Legendary tapas with 3 journalists

Mitxel Ezquiaga, José Carlos Capel and Xavier Agulló.

1:20 – 1:30 pm Keler Bar of Bars Award

1:35 – 2:05 pm Wine management in bars

Carlos Bosch and Nuria España, El Portal – Alicante

2:10 – 2:40 pm A contemporary vision of traditional tapas

Nacho Manzano, Gloria – Gijón/Oviedo

Gastronomika 2019 travels with Elkano on the 500th anniversary of his circumnavigation of the world

Between October 6 and 9, 2019, San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country will hold its 21st edition, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Juan Sebastián Elcano’s route when he circumnavigated the world for the first time. To this end, Gastronomika 2019 will also start with Elkano, with a k, in this case the Elkano Restaurant run by Aitor Arregui in Getaria, and then go down to Andalusia and set sail in search of flavours following the original route: the Canary Islands, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Indonesia, before returning to the Basque Country.

The gastronomic tour will also feature illustrious guests from other parts of the world, as well as the finest constellation of Spanish chefs. To attend the presentations with tastings included (exclusive to Gastronomika), registrations are open on the congress website (