This Saturday San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country has held its first event, “Chef for a day”-organised by Super Amara-, in which two youngsters and two adults have cooked together with four renowned chefs from Guipuzcoa.


Iratxe Faria and Xabier Godinez, aged 15, have shown promise alongside Rubén Trincado (Mirador de Ulía) and Dani López (Kokotxa). Shy but skilled, they have both confirmed that there is a gastronomic pool of talent in Guipuzcoa.


On its 20th anniversary, San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country couldn’t possibly forget about the city that is hosting it. It has never done so, and it hasn’t this year either, as it has once again held its Saturday activity on the Boulevard in San Sebastian. It was there at noon, that the fourth “Chef for a day” has taken place, an activity sponsored by Super Amara and El Diario Vasco which has allowed two youngsters and two non-professional adults to cook alongside four renowned chefs from Guipuzcoa. “Chef for a day” has served to work up an appetite and to start to pass on gastronomic culture at an event that will focus the eyes of international cuisine on San Sebastián.


At the kiosk in the Boulevard, before starting the activity, you could see the four winners of the raffle arguing about who was going to accompany them. They were allocated a partner but a change was allowed. “I don’t want to cook with Dani, he’s my nephew!”, Marisol López, one of the lucky adults, said. The little coincidences you find when cooking as a family; the little coincidences of a way of understanding cooking. After reaching an agreement, and having confirmed their partners, the action began at noon. Ahead of them, two hours in which the restaurant kitchens of Guipuzcoa have come out onto the street for the enjoyment of the general public.


Dani López (Kokotxa) cooked a hummus with crispy chicken together with Xabier Godinez (15 years of age), who had already taken part in previous years; Pablo Loureiro (Casa Urola), did likewise alongside Loli Pilarte with a grilled baby squid with creamy white beans and tomato and basil tartare; Rubén Trincado (Mirador de Ulia) assisted Iratxe Faria (15 years of age) to cook a Koc & Koc Pibil chicken, and Aitor Arregi (Elkano) rounded off the cooking show with some fish-cheeks cooked in different ways and accompanied Marisol López, who couldn’t believe her good luck. “My family knows that I don’t know how to cook like this. They don’t think that I’m here. As well as that, I’m Dani’s aunt…”


Smiles, cooking tricks and gastronomy for everyone at an event without which Gastronomika doesn’t make sense anymore; an event that is closely linked to the culinary culture of a society. “I have always liked cooking. I practise at after-school classes, so coming here is like a dream. It’s really early but I stand by my desire to be a chef”, the young Faria said. Her mother, alongside her, confirmed this. San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country has begun. The city knows this; this is what the city wants.


Tomorrow, Gastronomika Popular and Street Food


As is usually the case, the congress is starting a day in advance and is opening the doors at the Kursaal this Sunday to house Gastronomika Popular, Gastronomika’s open day. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the  popular day’s events will include cooking shows by two Basque chefs and two from Valladolid, that is, four maestros of bar snacks


This is how Gastronomika is paying tribute to miniature cuisine by its prime movers, the cities of Valladolid and San Sebastián, two benchmarks in miniature cuisine in Spain.  From 11:30 to 13:30, one after the other, Félix Manso (Felix Manso, Irún), Xabier Zabaleta (Aratz, San Sebastián), Víctor Marín (Trigo*, Valladolid) and Teo Rodríguez (Trasto, Valladolid) will come out on stage in the Chamber Room at the Kursaal in order to toast to the accomplishments achieved by the pintxo/pincho (bar snack), a key factor in the success and popularity of Spanish cuisine.


When this finishes, the Street Food section in Gastronomika will be taking the helm and taking over the porch at the Kursaal until 19:00 to offer four tapas from four restaurants in Valladolid. These will be the pickled chicken with jalapeño emulsion by Teo Rodríguez (Trasto); the pork cheek waffle by Jesús Barbado Heras (Suite 22 Restaurant &Gin-Club); the tapa that won the 11th National Pinchos and Tapas Competition in Valladolid 2015; the Taj-Mahal baby lamb by Alfonso García (Don Bacalao), and the homemade tuna jerky salad by Chisco Alonso (La Garrocha). Street Food on Sunday will come to an end at 19:00. Street Food on Sunday and on the days of the congress will cost 4 euros (1 pincho and a drink) or 6 euros (2 pinchos and a drink).