Aitor Arregi and Enrique Fleischmann will present the results of the study on the grill by the Getaria Maritime Culinary Association, which began its work with the testament of Juan Sebastian Elkano 500 years ago.

Just two weeks before closing his restaurant, Dani Garcia will offer his final presentation as a three-starred chef. He will be accompanied on stage by, among others, two trios: the first from Disfrutar, with more novelties, and the one made up of Carles Abellan, Nandu Jubany and Rafa Zafra, who will talk about prawns.

San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country 2019 will also have a strong international presence thanks to presentations by the best chefs from the actual countries that were part of Elkano’s route.

The presentation at San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country 2019 that will link 500 years of history will begin with the reading of Juan Sebastian Elkano’s testament. On stage, five of Getaria’s best grill chefs accompanied by historians will explain how the two grills bequeathed by the sailor in his last wishes marked the starting point of one of the most established traditions in peninsular gastronomy. The profession of grill chef will be promoted on the stage of the Kursaal with the presentation by the Getaria Maritime Culinary Association, a multidisciplinary entity that was created to demonstrate the great wisdom treasured by the Gipuzkoan town in relation to the grill.

Leading the Association, chefs and grill chefs from the town such as Enrique Fleischmann (Txoko Getaria), Igor Arregi (Kaia-Kaipe), Markel Iribar (Balearri), Gorka Lazkano (Astillero) and Aitor Arregi (Elkano*) will take charge of explaining the history of cooking over embers in Getaria from the sailor’s testament, focusing on the development of the technique up to current improvements and extolling the virtues of the grill chef. It will be a group talk that will shed light on the attachment of the town and the country to its gastronomic culture, explained and detailed by its celebrants, the grill chefs.

Dani García’s last presentation as a three-starred chef

On Monday October 7, Dani Garcia will take to the stage for the last time as a three-starred chef. The Andalusian, who will close his restaurant Dani García in Marbella on October 22, will take to the Kursaal stage to describe his latest innovations in the front line of gastronomy, which he will not completely abandon thanks to the business and restaurant conglomerate he runs. Nonetheless, it will be a good opportunity to listen to the last chef to receive three Michelin stars from the Iberian Peninsula.


Garcia will be joined by the best Spanish chefs, led again by the Basques Josean Alija (Nerua*, Bilbao), Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa*, Oiartzun), Elena and Juan Mari Arzak (Arzak***, San Sebastian), Eneko Atxa (Azurmendi***, Larrabetzu), Martín Berasategui (Martín Berasategui***, Lasarte) and Pedro Subijana (Akelarre***, San Sebastian). They will be followed by some of the greatest, leading national experts (such as Joan Roca, Celler de Can Roca***, Girona; Ángel León, Aponiente***, El Puerto de Santa María; and Fina Puigdevall, Les Cols**, Olot) and a representation of young and not so young people who are now the cutting edge such as Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita, Valencia), Maca de Castro (Maca de Castro*, Alcudia), Elena Lucas (La Lobita*, Soria) and Luis Alberto Lera (Lera, Castroverde de Campos).

The international presence

To continue to commemorate the anniversary of Elkano’s circumnavigation, Gastronomika 2019 will complete the national line-up with a dozen of the best chefs from the countries visited by the illustrious Basque explorer on his trip. Following the route, taking part will be Najat Kaanache (Nur, Fez, Morocco); Bel Coelho (Clandestino, Sao Paulo, Brazil); Jefferson Rueda (A Casa do Porco, Sao Paulo, Brazil); Carolina Bazán (Ambrosía, Santiago de Chile, Chile); Kurt Schmidt (Restaurante 99, Santiago de Chile, Chile); Christina Sunae (Sunae Asian Cantina, Buenos Aires, Argentina); Sau del Rosario (25 Seeds, Angeles, Philippines); JP Anglo (Sarsa, Manila, Philippines); Kevin Cerkas (Cuca Flavour, Bali, Indonesia) and Ray Adriansyah and Eelke Plasmeijer (Locavore, Bali, Indonesia).

Even though they come from countries that Elkano did not set foot in, Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit, Moscow) and Leonor Espinosa (Leo, Bogotá, Colombia) will also do so, thus completing the round-the-world journey that began 500 years ago. Arregi and his troupe will be watching from the auditorium. Getaria will once more become the centre of the universe.

Prawns as presented by Abellan, Jubany and Zafra

In addition to the individual presentations, three of the great restaurateurs, in this case based in Catalonia, will take to the stage at the same time to illustrate the benefits of a crustacean that has reigned and reigns in its kitchens. Carles Abellan (La Barra de Carles Abellan*, Barcelona), Nandu Jubany (Nandu Jubany*, Calldetenes) and Rafa Zafra (Estimar, Barcelona) will talk about and discuss the virtues of prawns in a joint presentation which is sure to be fun.

The news from Disfrutar

The Disfrutar** team will also take part as a group. Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro y Mateu Casañas – representing what is now the ninth best restaurant in the world – will be present at the event in San Sebastian to unveil novelties on stage. The Catalans will detail their latest season and lead on to the next one by presenting the work done with various fats through a chocolate machine to devise more, greater textures. In addition, the chefs from Disfrutar will take advantage of the kitchens inside the auditorium to show off their version of traditional classics and “vitello tonnato con lardo di colonata

Gastronomika 2019 travels with Elkano on the 500th anniversary of his circumnavigation of the world

Between October 6 and 9, 2019, San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country will hold its 21st edition, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Juan Sebastián Elkano’s route when he circumnavigated the world for the first time. To this end, Gastronomika 2019 will also start with Elkano, in this case the Elkano Restaurant run by Aitor Arregi in Getaria, and then go down to Andalusia and set sail in search of flavours following the original route: the Canary Islands, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Indonesia, before returning to the Basque Country.

The gastronomic tour will also feature illustrious guests from other parts of the world, as well as the finest constellation of Spanish chefs. To attend the presentations with tastings included (exclusive to Gastronomika) and enjoy the exhibition area – the sector’s preferential networking venue – registrations are now open on the congress website (