Colloquium on the future of young people in the restaurant business: opening of the event with a round table discussion on the future of young people in the restaurant business. Afterwards, awards will be presented in the categories of COOKING, PASTRY CHEF, WAITING, SOMMELIER, MANAGEMENT, TEACHING and COMMUNICATION. In addition, special awards will be presented for LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT and PROMOTING THE PROFILE OF WOMEN in the restaurant business. There will also be an official presentation of jackets to the new members of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs 2019 España. To conclude the event, a gift and recognition will be given to two great iconic stars of the living room and kitchen, Juan Mari Arzak and Jose Monje.


OVINUS is the 1st International Sheep’s Cheese Competition and is aimed at producers all over the world. A number of events are planned that will culminate in crowning the winners in Sardinia in March 2020.

It will also be presented at Gastronomika, as part of a major event in which great importance will be given to taste, thanks to special guests such as ocean sailor Gaetano Mura and Clelia Bandini, a Sardinian chef who will feature in an interesting cooking show.

This competition is promoted by the Department of Agriculture and Agro-Pastoral Reform of the autonomous region of Sardinia, LAORE Sardinia – the regional agency for agricultural development, the chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture and crafts of Nuoro, the consortium for the protection of Pecorino Romano cheese Designation of Origin (DOP), the consortium for the protection of Pecorino Sardo cheese DOP, the consortium for the protection of Fiore Sardo cheese DOP and OILOS – the inter-professional body for Sardinian sheep’s milk.


Ruinart, the jewel of Champagne, will hold the 5th edition of the Ruinart Challenge with Ruinart’s oenologist Louise Bryden.

The Ruinart Challenge is a training programme in which an competition will be held for professional sommeliers from all over Spain, with the support of the Union of Spanish Sommeliers’ Associations in Spain.

The winner will enjoy a scholarship of €1,000 as well as a 4-day training trip in Champagne.

Applications to take part should be sent to before 13/9/2019. Places are limited.


This is the most exclusive format at the congress. Complete close-up classes for only ten people, unique personal workshops that are run by the chefs on the Technical committee and some of the best guest chefs.

Monday, October 7th

15.00-16.00h. Cooking with… Begoña Rodrigo (€80)

Wednesday, October 9th

10.00-11.00h. Cooking with… Pedro Subijana (€80)


Monographic cookery workshops for only 40 pleople, with the most renowned chefs in the congress programme. A unique opportunity to learn the very latest techniques and concepts in 2019 in a live session.

Spanish and international chefs in the programme.

Monday, October 7th

15.00-16.00h: Private cooking with Carolina Bazán (€50)

Tuesday, October 8th

15.00-16.00h: Private cooking session with Najat Kaanache-Nur (€50)


The congress is committed to healthy food for children and youngsters. With this philosophy for the present and the future, San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country in collaboration with Euro-Toques is scheduling a special presentation for schoolchildren from Gipuzkoa. In a format that is highly entertaining but educational, spectacular and participative at the same time, they will be showing live, that it is possible for food to be enjoyable and healthy.


A wide-ranging varied programme of activities to discover, enjoy and taste the most select products.

The workshops and activities will be held during all the days of the event, and must be purchased separately.

Monday, October 7th

17.00-18.00h: Tierra de Campos pigeon breast with its rillettes (free)

19.00-20.00h: From Pigafetta to Elkano: through time with Lorenzo Cogo (free)

Tuesday, October 8th

11.30-12.30: The Specialists (free)

13.30-14.30h: From the fields to the kitchen (free)

14.00-15.00h: Dastatzen: Discovering the Latxo, a high quality basque suckling lamb (€40)

14.30-16.30h: Fina Puigdevall in her landscape (€70)

17.00-18.00h: Gastronomic journey of historic Hungary (peoples, raw materials, technologies) (free)

17.00-18.00h: Being digital is no longer an option (free)

18.00-19.00h: Lab Jamada. Researching the dna of cuisine from Burgos (€40)

Wednesday, October 9th

10.30-12.00h: Cádiz navigated through Jerez (free)

12.00-13.00h: Sabor a Málaga (€40)

14.00-15.30h: The maturation and other secrets of Balfegó bluefin tuna (€40)

14.30-15.30h: Application of Protected Designation of Origins (PDOs) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) in the province of Badajoz for the world of tapas (€40)


An exclusive high-energy programme devoted to the world of wine, with special national and international tasting sessions run by the great “gurus” of wine stewardship and oenology.

The tasting sessions will be held during all the days of the event, and must be purchased separately.

Monday, October 7th

11.30-12.30h: Vertical tasting from Jean Leon Vinya La Scala run by por Roser Catasús and Sergi Castro (€40)

13.30-15.00h: Food and Wines of Hungary: Personally! (€40)

16.00-17.30h: 100 years at the top of cava. A tour through the treasures of Juvé & Camps (€40)

18.30-19.30h: Ribera del Duero, a new era (€40)

Tuesday, October 8th

11.30-13.00h: Wines of Tenerife (€40)

Wednesday, October 9th

12.00-13.00h: Sparkling wines from Bodegas Bilbainas since 1913 (€40)


The great celebration of Spanish grilling. The X San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country National Grill Competition will once again not only be mapping out the best meat and the best grill chefs in the country, but will also be the vibrant meeting point for all meat lovers, and one of the most dynamic culinary events on the current gastronomic scene.

The competition take place in a huge tasting sesión, with a profesional jury and a popular jury, made up of all the people attending the event, along with a professional jury, who will be judging the meat, cooking technique, texture and flavour.

The competition is awarding two prizes in one: for the best grill chef and the best meat.