Lab Jamada. Researching the dna of cuisine from Burgos

Since the city of Burgos became part of the UNESCO World Network of Creative Cities, the cuisine in Burgos has provided several dishes with different origins and qualities. Many of the local chefs have not only created new culinary offerings, but have also followed in the footsteps of the project presented to this international network based on Cuisine and Human Evolution. Given the proximity of Burgos to the Atapuerca archaeological site, the desire to make known how our ancestors were fed and to analyse the origin of our products is reflected in more than one recipe.

At Lab Jamada, a culinary research facility run by chef Antonio Arrabal, we will bring our quest for interpreting the traditional recipes of the city of Burgos, hand in hand with the products offered by local producers, to the context of the international San Sebastian Gastronomika congress. Linked to the implementation of the “Burgos: Creative City of Gastronomy” initiative, we will show the evolution and creation of versions of very typical recipes from Burgos such as garlic soup and leg of suckling lamb.  We want to convey to the people attending this workshop how the basis of seemingly simple cooking that involves classic techniques and products can be transferred through evolution and inter-blending to modern-day cuisine.

2nd National Potato Salad Championship – San Miguel

We have stumbled upon potato salad. With peas or without? Green beans? With boiled egg? Tuna or tuna belly? Whole potato or mashed? Can we add new ingredients?

There are as many potato salads as there are tastes and creativeness, certainly; but, based on both tradition and innovation, there are potato salads with more pull and quorum than others.

San Sebastián Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country has decided to take sides in this bloodless, merry battle to seek a final consensus. By creating the National Potato Salad Championship within the congress, with Cervezas San Miguel as a partner (potato salad always with beer), we will be able to finally decide which is the best potato salad in 2019 with a professional jury of ten members and a public jury of 40 fans, who must be registered beforehand.

It will be a difficult job, but someone’s got to do it. The best national potato salad will be crowned at San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country 2019 on Tuesday, October 8.

Gastronomika Street Food

There are few better occasions to spark off the best “street food” in the world than the year celebrating the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the planet by Magellan and Elkano.

The porch of the Kursaal Conference Centre (from 6 to 9) will offer the whole of San Sebastian a selection of famous street recipes from Asia and South America, both transcendental points in that legendary route that launched the first form of “globalisation”. Dishes such as Filipino chicken, chicken and coconut noodles and other Latin American specialities will make the world go round at the very door of Congress.

Break for lunch

Break for lunch


The congress is committed to healthy food for children and youngsters. With this philosophy for the present and the future, San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country in collaboration with Euro-Toques is scheduling a special presentation for schoolchildren from Gipuzkoa. In a format that is highly entertaining but educational, spectacular and participative at the same time, they will be showing live, that it is possible for food to be enjoyable and healthy.


The Market continues to grow… Not just with stands, brands and national and international exhibitors, but also in various formats to boost not only networking but also more entertaining aspects.

This year, apart from generally reorganising the space, we will also be opening several specific tasting areas, counters and an area for live and direct daily cooking demonstrations with guest chefs from all over the world, as well as other specific innovations.

The Market, with more than 15,000 visitors, is one of the major benchmarks in the food business and gastronomy in Spain, with a design that is always based on the strict professionalization of visitors, the internationalisation of the proposals on offer and a rigorous accreditation and identification strategy to facilitate and streamline business exchanges.

Apart from being a powerful hub for the international sector, (stands from various countries on the planet), the Market 2017 will also become a new interactive way to enjoy gastronomy.