Our Flavours of the Earth - Tierra de Sabor: a fusion of tradition and avant-garde

A rich selection of quality agri-food products from Castile and León will form the basis of the dishes that chef Víctor Martín, from the restaurant Trigo in Valladolid, which has a Michelin Star and two Repsol suns, will link to the fusion of origin, authenticity, tradition and avant-garde in his exhibition.

Extreme pairings with premium cava

Presentation by Silvia Culell, journalist and sommelier

A unique tasting to demonstrate the importance of time in various solid and liquid products. How to harmonise fresh and cured products with premium cavas, both “reservas” and “gran reservas” that have been aged for a long time. It is a challenge that the best sommeliers doubtless face every day at their restaurants.

Vertical tasting of different vintages of 15, 24, 50 and 136 months

Gastronomika Street Food

This year is the year of our gastronomic revolution. Which is why the Street Food section on the Kursaal porch will offer our most representative tapas and dishes cooked by the country’s great chefs: fabada (bean stew), cannelloni, croquettes, cod…

Germán Martitegui´s private cooking session: Rediscovering forgotten Argentina

Tegui Restaurant (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Germán, the best chef in Argentina, has been working on a fascinating project for some years now: rediscovering the forgotten products, preparations and flavours of Argentina, which are hidden beyond its great meats. To this end, he has travelled all over the country, immersing himself in every region and rescuing lost ingredients, techniques and preparations that, using his contemporary talent, he has fully updated. His workshop, therefore, will be a complete surprise and an unprecedented source of culinary knowledge with a very long history.

‘READY TO USE’ demonstration by Bidfood Iberia – Guzmán Gastronomía and R&D Food Revolution

R & D Food Revolution is synonymous with innovation in the culinary world. This project, by Albert Adrià and his Belgian friends Rudi van Beylen and Dirk Peeters, brings Albert Adrià’s exclusive “ready-to-use” foams and snacks to the Spanish market, exclusively distributed by Bidfood Iberia – Guzmán Gastronomía. Join chef Luc Van den Bergh’s creative demonstration, where you will explore a completely new range of delicious cocktails, fruit foams and original snacks.

Cooking with Kiko Moya: Salt as an element to transform food.

L’Escaleta Restaurant (Cocentaina)

The latest culinary phenomenon in Alicante is curing. It is a traditional preservation technique which, in Kiko’s hands, has become a new gastronomic category that is much more focused on enjoyment and new sensations than on preserving marine products. Cured food products that go beyond what we have seen before have led to the creation of a new space with unimaginable flavours and textures.

Some of the most personal sparkling wines of the moment; a description of their most intimate origin by their winemakers

Presentation by Pepe Raventós, Winemaker and wine grower at Raventós i Blanc, and Manu Jimenez, Best Sommelier in Spain in 2017. The following wine growers will take part:

  • Pierre and Sophie Larmandier,  Champagne Larmandier-Bernier, France.
  • Nicolas Chiquet, Champagne Gaston Chiquet, France.
  • Pierre Bettinger, Champagne Leclerc Briant, France.
  • Martin eta Anna Arndorfer, Weingut Fuchs und Hase – Austria.

A presentation on biodynamic agriculture – or the recovery of the viticulture practised by our ancestors – applied to the best vineyards in the world to obtain a great wine, which is nothing more than a wine that reflects its original characteristics, what makes it more local, different, authentic and unique.

This tasting will be a tribute to winemakers who work faithfully in this organic and biodynamic agriculture, ensuring maximum respect for the typical characteristics that the climate, soils and varieties bring to their wines, thus allowing nature to express itself to its fullest potential.

This trend is currently the driving force behind a new generation of winegrowers, whose aim is to make a wine that transports us to where it comes from and to the vintage.

Sparkling wines that are full of flavour, but also full of origin: cold, warm, temperate, acidic, fresh, mineral…

A great wine should not be perfect, because nature is not perfect either.


Ruinart, the jewel of Champagne, will hold the 4th edition of the Ruinart Challenge with Ruinart’s oenologist Caroline Fiot.

The Ruinart Challenge is a training programme in which an competition will be held for professional sommeliers from all over Spain, with the support of the Union of Spanish Sommeliers’ Associations in Spain.

The winner will enjoy a scholarship of €1,000 as well as a 4-day training trip in Champagne.

Applications to take part should be sent to cperez-marsa@moethennessy.com before 14/9/2018. Places are limited.

Amélie, La Perfection

Each Amélie is the result of delicate, painstaking dedication, the legacy of savoir-faire that makes them the most exceptional in the world, as they are cultivated and selected with extreme care and rigour.

Respecting the exquisiteness and perfection of each Amélie, at San Sebastian Gastronomika we will rediscover the world of oysters and, in the company of renowned chefs, we will show the versatility of oysters with various recipes: Japanese, French and Nordic, among others.

With Amélie, every moment becomes unique.

Californian wines from Familia Torres

Marimar Torres has been linked to the world of wine throughout his life. She settled in California in 1975, where she runs the activities of the Marimar Estate winery and Don Miguel and Doña Margarita vineyards, named in honour of her now deceased parents in Sonoma County.

These vineyards represent a combination of European tradition and Californian soil and climate, with a special emphasis on care of the vine. The results are wines that express the vineyard perfectly.

In this tasting, run by Marimar Torres, you can taste wines that she makes at her Marimar Estate winery in California:

  • Marimar Estate Albariño 2016
  • Acero Chardonnay 2016
  • La Masía Chardonnay 2017
  • La Masía Pinot Noir 2014
  • Mas Cavalls Pinot Noir 2014
  • Cristina Pinot Noir 2014
  • Marimar Estate Pinot Noir, Viñedo Don Miguel 1992