The white Ribera

The Ribera del Duero is setting a historic milestone: the first Designation-of- Origin white wines.

In order to enhance and safeguard the Albillo Mayor variety, a historic variety that up to now was used to complement reds and rosé wines, it has been made possible to produce white wines with a seventy-five percent minimum of this grape. Professionals say that Albillo Mayor “has a Castilian character”: on first taste it can be sober, coarse and rough, but it is versatile and has a unique potential, and it is made to last. The people who are now preparing these first Ribera del Duero whites say that working on the Albillo Mayor is to accept risk, to make sacrifices, to be bold and inquisitive, to want to go further and not be afraid of failure. International critics have already surrendered to its charms.

From Pigafetta to Elkano: through time with Lorenzo Cogo

Who is Antonio Pigafetta? He was the journey partner of Elkano and only thanks to him after 500 years we know the historic adventure and the amazing trip around the world of the captain Fernando Magellano. He was from my city, Vicenza, a beautiful place near Venice. When he returned back in town he brough the spices and changed the future of our cuisine, the main exaple is the Sopressa.
At that time the spices were the most precious thing in the world but  nowadays what is the most precious thing? What is changed? Today nothing is more important that the TIME.

We are going to talk about the importance of the time in the culinary world and how El Coq restaurant acted to give it the right attention.

Josper, 50 years dominating grills

San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country 2019 would like to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of a brand that has changed the world of cooking over embers and smoke. Josper, with its innovative wood-fired ovens, has contributed to providing excellence to grills in the best kitchens around the world. A symbol of quality, 50 years later, Josper is today a must for the best chefs.


Colloquium on the future of young people in the restaurant business: opening of the event with a round table discussion on the future of young people in the restaurant business. Afterwards, awards will be presented in the categories of COOKING, PASTRY CHEF, WAITING, SOMMELIER, MANAGEMENT, TEACHING and COMMUNICATION. In addition, special awards will be presented for LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT and PROMOTING THE PROFILE OF WOMEN in the restaurant business. There will also be an official presentation of jackets to the new members of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs 2019 España. To conclude the event, a gift and recognition will be given to two great iconic stars of the living room and kitchen, Juan Mari Arzak and Jose Monje.

Chilean tradition... with a French touch

Carolina Bazán-Ambrosía (Santiago, Chile)

Named Best Female Chef in Latin America a few weeks ago by 50 Best Restaurants, Carolina will show unknown Chilean culinary traditions interpreted with a touch of French taste in a small group, in a class that combines authentic flavours with the strong tendency of French bases as a “liaison”.

Roots and tubers in a tunnel of salt

Begoña Rodrigo-La Salita (Valencia)

The breathtaking chef from Valencia will offer a master class based on her research into rare tubers and different roots to which she applies a “tunnel of salt”, a non-invasive technique to carry out the curing process “without direct salt”. Surely one of the great contemporary trends.

100 years at the top of cava. A tour through the treasures of Juvé & Camps

Juvé is a name with a long lineage and history, as well as being one of the best-known producers of quality sparkling wines in the world.

As a leader in Gran Reserva cavas, Juvé & Camps has a unique heritage in Penedès with more than 450 hectares of properties in some of the region’s most privileged estates, 271 of which are dedicated to 100% organic vine cultivation.

Meritxell Juvé represents the fourth generation at the head of the family business and is committed to continuing the prestige of the brand and promoting the philosophy of seeking excellence, thus preserving the tradition of a century-old winery. Together with Antoni Cantos, Director of Oenology at Juvé & Camps, she will present the audience with a selection of real jewels, surprising for many and unattainable for most.

Tierra de Campos pigeon

Quality products from Castile and Leon will have a prominent presence at this event, which brings together top chefs from all over the continent.

Tierra de Sabor, the quality brand of products from Castile and Leon, will be at San Sebastian Gastronómika once again, a congress that brings the latest trends in haute cuisine to chefs and gastronomy professionals and shares knowledge.

On this occasion we will have the collaboration of Luis Alberto Lera, from Restaurante Lera in Castroverde de Campos (Zamora) with two Repsol suns.

Considered to be the master of game cooking and with his Tierra de Campos soul, he will show us how to prepare his “Pigeon Breast with Rillettes“, the main ingredient of which is wild pigeon from Tierra de Campos, a slow-cooked stew that combines two textures of the pigeon and to which he applies the French rillette technique.

Food and Wines of Hungary: Personally!

In the last few years, some of the main ingredients we use in Hungary became more sophisticated, lighter and healthier. Our chefs rediscovered our forgotten indigenous fruits and vegetables, fish species, meat and spices, and we integrated new, internationally used ingredients. These revolutionized our dishes, and we also rediscovered the traditional methods of cuisine from preparing through cooking to serving.

We could also witness a huge quality boom in our standards of viticulture and winemaking. Today our wines are based on their terroir that caught the interest of our consumers. Today our winemakers are on the pursuit of new, but native ways of variety selection and winemaking methods. Although, the backbone of our Central-European-style viticulture did not change: our wines are acid-driven, well balanced and aromatic. These wines are an excellent match with nearly all kinds of food. Do not miss the discovery! Be there personally!


OVINUS is the 1st International Sheep’s Cheese Competition and is aimed at producers all over the world. A number of events are planned that will culminate in crowning the winners in Sardinia in March 2020.

It will also be presented at Gastronomika, as part of a major event in which great importance will be given to taste, thanks to special guests such as ocean sailor Gaetano Mura and Clelia Bandini, a Sardinian chef who will feature in an interesting cooking show.

This competition is promoted by the Department of Agriculture and Agro-Pastoral Reform of the autonomous region of Sardinia, LAORE Sardinia – the regional agency for agricultural development, the chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture and crafts of Nuoro, the consortium for the protection of Pecorino Romano cheese Designation of Origin (DOP), the consortium for the protection of Pecorino Sardo cheese DOP, the consortium for the protection of Fiore Sardo cheese DOP and OILOS – the inter-professional body for Sardinian sheep’s milk.