Rodolfo Guzmán´s private cooking session: Creating avant-garde from the Mapuche culture

 Bogaró Restaurant (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

Rodolfo has dedicated himself to documenting the uses and properties of Chile’s endemic pantry and exploring new possibilities, mainly using ingredients that were never taken into account or considered in modern Chilean society. The vast majority of them were the food of the Mapuche people for thousands of years.  This has resulted in a strong collaborative effort, with more than 200 people between gathering communities and small producers throughout the country and behind the restaurant. The result of all this, viewed from the front line, can be seen in this innovative workshop.

The best-kept secrets of bluefin tuna

The chef of “Tunateca Balfegó”, Ekaitz Apraitz and the chef of “La Llotja”, Marc Miró, both experts on bluefin tuna, will, thanks to the efforts of Balfegó’s R&D department, reveal the most unknown parts of this tuna, the gastronomic value of which is as surprising as it is pleasant.

Activity presented by Martín Berasategui.


The SABOR A MÁLAGA brand values agro-food products obtained from the land and sea of this Andalusian province, many of which have been known for years in many countries around the world.

Thanks to its diverse geography and the different climatology of the regions that make up the province, we have a multitude of products cultivated from the land and the sea, reared or produced by a large group of farmers, cattle breeders and producers, who, combining tradition and innovation, are fully aware of both quality and respect for the environment.

SABOR A MÁLAGA comprises a very large pantry in the province, which can offer an immense range of flavours, aromas and colours throughout the year:

Wines (traditional and modern), extra virgin olive oils, Aloreña olives, hams, cooked meats and meats (particularly suckling goat), cheeses, fruits (loquats, cherries, Periana peaches, Ronda pears, apricots, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries…), citrus fruits, Malaga raisins, dried fruit and nuts, subtropical fruits such as avocados and mangoes, honey, organic farming products, fish and seafood (fried fish from Malaga)… they make up an endless list of products that give rise to cuisine of excellence to be enjoyed in any corner of our province.

Break for lunch

Break for lunch


The great celebration of Spanish grilling. The X San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country National Grill Competition will once again not only be mapping out the best meat and the best grill chefs in the country, but will also be the vibrant meeting point for all meat lovers, and one of the most dynamic culinary events on the current gastronomic scene.

The competition take place in a huge tasting sesión, with a profesional jury and a popular jury, made up of all the people attending the event, along with a professional jury, who will be judging the meat, cooking technique, texture and flavour.

The competition is awarding two prizes in one: for the best grill chef and the best meat.

IX National Grill Competition Prize award

IX National Grill Competition Prize award


The Market continues to grow… Not just with stands, brands and national and international exhibitors, but also in various formats to boost not only networking but also more entertaining aspects.

This year, apart from generally reorganising the space, we will also be opening several specific tasting areas, counters and an area for live and direct daily cooking demonstrations with guest chefs from all over the world, as well as other specific innovations.

The Market, with more than 15,000 visitors, is one of the major benchmarks in the food business and gastronomy in Spain, with a design that is always based on the strict professionalization of visitors, the internationalisation of the proposals on offer and a rigorous accreditation and identification strategy to facilitate and streamline business exchanges.

Apart from being a powerful hub for the international sector, (stands from various countries on the planet), the Market 2017 will also become a new interactive way to enjoy gastronomy.