The SABOR A MÁLAGA brand values agro-food products obtained from the land and sea of this Andalusian province, many of which have been known for years in many countries around the world.

Thanks to its diverse geography and the different climatology of the regions that make up the province, we have a multitude of products cultivated from the land and the sea, reared or produced by a large group of farmers, cattle breeders and producers, who, combining tradition and innovation, are fully aware of both quality and respect for the environment.

SABOR A MÁLAGA comprises a very large pantry in the province, which can offer an immense range of flavours, aromas and colours throughout the year:

Wines (traditional and modern), extra virgin olive oils, Aloreña olives, hams, cooked meats and meats (particularly suckling goat), cheeses, fruits (loquats, cherries, Periana peaches, Ronda pears, apricots, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries…), citrus fruits, Malaga raisins, dried fruit and nuts, subtropical fruits such as avocados and mangoes, honey, organic farming products, fish and seafood (fried fish from Malaga)… they make up an endless list of products that give rise to cuisine of excellence to be enjoyed in any corner of our province.

Private Kitchen: Saurabh Udinia

Avant-garde interpretations of India

A surprising class. Saurabh, considered the “enfant terrible” of contemporary Indian cuisine, will show us some of his riskiest recipes, based on Indian flavours but driven to the forefront thanks to the latest concepts. From the most amazing textural treatment to the most surprising technical tricks.

Legendary Conservas Yurrita Yurrita

Conservas Yurrita celebrates 150 years preserving the way of doing things by hand. Three prominent chefs present their creations for the occasion, enhancing anchovy and tuna.

Pablo Loureiro from Casa Urola Restaurant

Miguel Montoiro from Bodega Donostiarra and its full legend

Félix Manso from Restaurante Felix Manso Ibarla

Cooking with Pedro Subijana

Cooking yes, but not only cooking

Like every year, one of the most successful workshops in the programme. The great Subijana offers a master class in the same location for a chosen few, not only using this year’s latest techniques, but also with consiconsiderations beyond cooking, philosophies and methods, privately teaching how to achieve success.

Five cheeses, five beers. San Miguel glorifies the cream of raw milk

We invite you to find out more about the stories and reasons that make the top five cheeses on the international lactic scene different.

A raw milk-driven gastronomic journey, from shepherds’ adoration of remarkable animals to cheese makers creating culinary gems, which we will be able to learn more about at this unique event.

The adventure begins in Norway and ends in Pravia (Asturias), passing through the Basque Country on both sides of the Pyrenees.

As a unique pairing with these five supreme cheeses, beer. San Miguel playing and mixing with the powerful yet subtle flavours of cheese… Each with its own beer in perfect harmony. La San Miguel Eco, San Miguel Selecta, Casimiro Pale Ale, Alhambra Reserva Roja and Founders Centennial IPA which will be combined with  Kraftkar cheese, Artzai Gazta Queso de las Flores (a natural, smoky cheese), Rey Silo cheese and Saint Agour cheese

Break for lunch

Break for lunch

Oysters Amélie and new consumer experiences

Cooking show presenting the latest trends in the pairings and presentation of oysters that seeks to provide an experience beyond tasting. In collaboration with Huitres Amélie, we are exploring trends in the consumption of oysters and their growing inclusion in avant-garde menus. Leaving conventionality behind, we are enhancing the flavour and getting close to a quality product for new audiences who are seeking innovation beyond lemon, tabasco and mignonette. A new positioning for a natural, exquisite product.

Latest technologies and advances in sous-vide and low-temperature cooking

Sammic & Fleischmann´s Cooking Group are sharing a technical-practical-gastronomic presentation that will aim to introduce the very latest technologies and advances in sous-vide and low-temperature cooking. They’ll be talking about the history, basic values and cutting-edge applications of these technologies.

They will be sharing live sous-vide and low-temperature functions and applications, as well as regeneration and individually controlled cooking or bag to bag, thanks to an innovative monitoring solution developed by Sammic.

During the presentation they will be offering tasting of recipes prepared by Enrique Fleischmann using the technologies being presented. The Chef Enrique Fleischmann will be placing “sous-vide” and showcasing flavours, aromas and colours: Scrambled eggs 2.0, Iberian pork cheeks with mushroom Shinkinbushi, Rocky chocolate mountains.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Tattooing flavours of Cadiz

Mauro Barreiro (La curiosidad de Mauro restaurant Cádiz)

The chef Mauro Barreiro will convert room 35 of the Kursaal into a corner of the province of Cadiz within the programme of the 19th San Sebastian Gastronomika International Congress 2017. This cooking show workshop will showcase products from the Cadiz region, sea and mountains, marrying them up with sherries. India, the guest country at this year’s congress, will be represented in the preparation of the dishes. The chef will enhance the local products with a geographical tour of the Cadiz region. From the Sierra de Grazalema bathed in green vegetation, he will continue on through the dense fog that descends to the coast until meeting the fine sand on the beaches, embraced by rocky cliffs, where the aquamarine colour of the Atlantic merges into a kiss with the Andalusian sun. That is Cádiz and it needs to be shown to the world! Sherries are the best accompaniment for freestyle, bold, tasty cooking like Mauro Barreiro’s. José Ferrer, the ambassador for sherries at Gastronomika, will show us how these wines “interact” on the palate with each ingredient from the dishes, multiplying the dining experience of the participant. The versatility of these wines allows them to accompany ingredients which are impossible for other wines with surprising results.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.