The Atlantic sea bass in contemporary cuisine

Oscar Calleja and Isaac Hermo

Exquisite show-cooking to reveal the different contemporary ways of preparing Aquanaria sea bass.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Desserts and evolutionary cocktails with Guzmán Gastronomía

Fátima Gismero (Culinary consultant) and Javier Caballero (Bartender).

There’s nothing contradictory about combining cocktails and pastries… Discover how to introduce some surprising new cooking techniques for your creations. We’ll discover crispy, liquid textures… And ways to pair sensations with each other. Combining cocktails and pastries: an innovative way of travelling to wonderful unknown worlds.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Cutting up Balfegó Mediterranean Bluefin tuna

Marc Miró (La Llotja restaurant, Ametlla de Mar)

Cutting up a Grup Balfegó Mediterranean Red Tuna live, with tasting of all its parts. Live cooking presentation by the chef Marc Miró, showing various ways to prepare a “ronqueo” of tuna (cut up and filleted by hand).

Cooking in Portuguese taverns. A sample of “petiscos” and Portuguese products

André Magalhães (curator-chef at the Taberna da Rua das flores)

The renowned chef, André Magalhães, employs an exceptional style to mix (and display) traditional Portuguese petiscos (tapas) seen from an innovative contemporary perspective. This different kind of show-cooking takes Portuguese regional products and recipes as a starting point for an unprecedented open-ended proposal, to reveal the extraordinary quality and diversity of traditional Portuguese flavours. Come and try some snacks with us at the best tavern in Portugal!

S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna: Pairings recreated by Josean Alija

Andoni Epelde

Josean Alija (chef at the Nerua restaurant in the Guggenheim, Bilbao)

Nature marks the rhythms of Josean Alija’s cooking, which is rigorously adapted to each season to create a personal, deeply-felt cuisine. This is a strictly local cuisine that is a product of the vegetable gardens, the sea and the farms in his surrounding area. Faithful to his principles, he champions his local area and the producers who make it possible to achieve his aim: to be on the cutting edge and to innovate without losing the flavour of his roots.

His love for mineral waters is a result of his highly complex creative minimalism, which will mark out, in this exclusive event, a new little-known path with some highly sensitive hybrids.


An exclusive high-energy programme devoted to the world of wine, with special national and international tasting sessions run by the great “gurus” of wine stewardship and oenology.

The tasting sessions will be held during all the days of the event, and must be purchased separately.

Monday, October 7th

11.30-12.30h: Vertical tasting from Jean Leon Vinya La Scala run by Mireia Torres (€40)

Wednesday, October 9th

12.00-13.00h: Sparkling wines from Bodegas Bilbainas since 1913 (€40)

Champagnes de Vigneron tasting

A historic opportunity to taste 5 of the most exclusive Champagnes in the world. Champagnes for collectors, very difficult to find on the market, produced by small wine growers on the very best plots.

There will be tasting sessions for the following “treasures”:
Val Frison “Cuvée Goustan” Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature
Laherte Frères “Les 7” Extra Brut
Ulysse Collin “Les Maillons” Extra Brut
Marguet Ambonnay Grand Cru Brut Nature 2010
Vouette & Sorbée “Cuvée Fidèle” Extra Brut.

Garnacha in the world

Ramiro Tarazona Sicilia

Guillermo Cruz (Mugaritz sommelier), Eduardo Ibañez (President of CRDO Campo de Borja) and Jose Ignacio Gracia (Director of CRDO Campo de Borja)

Master class on Garnacha in the world; description of the main characteristics of its terroirs, vineyards, production and wines.

Tasting of Campo de Borja Garnachas from Aragon (known as the Empire of Garnacha) and from other parts of the world.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Single-estate cava authorised in harmony

Guillermo Cruz and Silvia García (Mugaritz sommeliers)

D.O. Cava is presenting an enigmatic surprising tasting session for us of the very first Cavas de Paraje Calificado (Authorised Single-estate Cava), the new category of Cava. This is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to discover the exceptional quality of each vineyard and the personality of its Cavas provided by these two magnificent sommeliers.

Gramona, artisans of time

Xavier Gramona (Owner) and Linda Díaz (Brand Ambassador)

Gramona has perfected the ability to transform its wines into great sparkling wines while continuing to use 100% traditional processes: ageing with cork stoppers and manual sur latte processes, riddling in desks, and disgorging. Vertical tasting with some if its best vintages.

A unique opportunity.