“Lamb, possibilities for sustainable, natural meat”

In a society that is increasingly concerned about preserving the environment around us, one of the keys is to consume sustainable products. In the case of meat, although we have different options in our nearest markets, not all of them contribute to caring for the environment. Therefore, we invite you to find out more about the meat of the future: healthy, tasty and sustainable.

Burgers, lamb chops, lamb kebabs, lamb tournedos and much more…

Thanks to these new ways of presenting meat, we can now eat lamb and kid any day of the week, both for lunch and dinner. Medallions, tournedos, leg steak, skirt steak, fillet steak, neck fillet, neck, chops, kebab, shashlik and burger… these cuts meet the needs of today’s consumer as they are more accessible as part of our daily diet and shopping basket.

Enjoy lamb and contribute to caring for the environment!

The EU recognises sheep and goat meat as sustainable meat that is environmentally friendly. This must be true, because, if you go out into the countryside, in virtually every corner of Spain you will find these livestock continuing to graze as they did centuries ago. And this millennia-old way of doing things not only results in exquisite, natural meat, but it also provides enormous environmental benefits.

Californian wines from Familia Torres

Marimar Torres has been linked to the world of wine throughout his life. She settled in California in 1975, where she runs the activities of the Marimar Estate winery and Don Miguel and Doña Margarita vineyards, named in honour of her now deceased parents in Sonoma County.

These vineyards represent a combination of European tradition and Californian soil and climate, with a special emphasis on care of the vine. The results are wines that express the vineyard perfectly.

In this tasting, run by Marimar Torres, you can taste wines that she makes at her Marimar Estate winery in California:

  • Marimar Estate Albariño 2016
  • Acero Chardonnay 2016
  • La Masía Chardonnay 2017
  • La Masía Pinot Noir 2014
  • Mas Cavalls Pinot Noir 2014
  • Cristina Pinot Noir 2014
  • Marimar Estate Pinot Noir, Viñedo Don Miguel 1992

Andreu Genestra, Andreu Genestra Rest. (Capdepera): the influence of spices on Mediterranean cuisine

With years of cooking experience in India, the great Majorcan chef will show us how to transform Mediterranean recipes in a very understandable, fun way, giving them exotic sensations with the ingenious use of Indian spices.

J.P. Singh, Bukhara Rest. (Delhi, India): The infinite flavours of the “tandoor”

The many, complex parameters of cooking in a “tandoor” revealed by its grand master, a true celebrity in India. The treatment of meat, the secrets of bread, how to handle spices… An essential class for understanding Indian cooking.

Varun Mohan, Royal Vega Rest. (Chennai, India): Sincere Indian vegetarianism

From a vegetarian family, Varun is the brightest example of this type of cooking in India. In his presentation, we will learn all of the secrets for turning vegetables into true haute cuisine dishes. Varun will present various recipes from the long Indian tradition of green dishes, which, today, have become vegetarian classics.

Ivan Surinder, Tandoor Rest. (Barcelona): Essential dishes of traditional Indian cuisine

Despite his youth, Ivan is considered to be the best Indian chef in Spain. Treasuring all of his father’s knowledge (the first chef from India to open a restaurant in Spain), he will teach us, in an easy way which is appropriate to our markets, how to prepare the best-known, popular traditional Indian recipes at home.

Cooking Show: “Other forms of cooking” by the Provincial Council of Soria

Taught by Ms. Melania Cascante, from the Los Villares restaurant, in the town of the same name, in Soria.

These are dishes prepared as part of the commemoration of the 2150th anniversary of the fall of Numancia.

  • Porridge with bacon bits
  • Wheat with boletus.

D.O. Jumilla presents: “El Origen” (The Origin). A tribute to sommeliers throughout the region

“The fascination for slowness, vineyards entrenched in the earth, older people talking about wine, a dialogue between generations…”. These are some of the images and feelings that came to the mind of Josep Roca when talking about the wines of Jumilla, which are also reflected in this documentary directed by Jorge Martínez.

The sommelier, who does so much to pass on the wine culture at his restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, is one of the acclaimed voices that will take us on a fascinating tour of a wine region that has recovered pride for everything that makes it unique, such as its characteristic chalky soils and the strong personality of the monastrell variety. Because if something is increasingly clear in the world of wine, it is that people and trends change, but the region remains.

The Murcian sommeliers José Antonio Navarrete (Quique Dacosta, Denia) and Juan Luis García (Casa Marcial, Arriondas) become the guiding thread of the documentary, embarking on a journey together that helps them rediscover the region where they were born. “A wine is 80% liquid and 20% soul: history, people, tradition… and origin”, confesses Navarrete, who, like Garcia and many other colleagues, makes an effort every day to convey all these values to the customers who visit them at their award-winning restaurants. And it is like another participant in the project, Ferran Centelles, maintains, “the sommelier is key when changing the way of communicating wine”.

Throughout the footage, we will also see other sommeliers on parade, such as Guillermo Cruz (Mugaritz) and Custodio Zamarra (Zalacaín), chefs Nacho Manzano and Quique Dacosta, renowned journalists Víctor de la Serna, Luis Gutiérrez and Andrés Rodríguez, the distributor Quim Vila… and, of course, a major representation of all those wine producers, vine growers and restaurateurs who, by their efforts and sacrifices, have managed to keep the flame of wine alive in the region of Jumilla.

Beyond the screen

After the premiere of the documentary, Ferran Centelles will moderate a colloquy between José Antonio Navarrete and Juan Luis García, in which all attendees will be invited to take part and during which a selection of wines can be enjoyed.

In addition, to demonstrate the commitment of D.O. Jumilla to training new professionals, the creation of a scholarship will be announced for young sommeliers at the Basque Culinary Center, an event which will be attended by Joxe Mari Aizega, director of the prestigious university centre located in San Sebastian.

Private Kitchen: Saurabh Udinia

Avant-garde interpretations of India

A surprising class. Saurabh, considered the “enfant terrible” of contemporary Indian cuisine, will show us some of his riskiest recipes, based on Indian flavours but driven to the forefront thanks to the latest concepts. From the most amazing textural treatment to the most surprising technical tricks.

Legendary Conservas Yurrita Yurrita

Conservas Yurrita celebrates 150 years preserving the way of doing things by hand. Three prominent chefs present their creations for the occasion, enhancing anchovy and tuna.

Pablo Loureiro from Casa Urola Restaurant

Miguel Montoiro from Bodega Donostiarra and its full legend

Félix Manso from Restaurante Felix Manso Ibarla