Avant-garde synthesis of Asturias and the Cantabrian Sea

Nacho Manzano is a daring explorer of the Asturian lands and seas. With a rare intuition and a natural talent for extracting all of the nuances of freshness and immediacy from them, he has managed to propel his landscape to new heights of sophisticated complexity. The menu he is proposing for SSG 18 is the panoramic expression of it all.

Lunch run by Nacho Manzano, pairings run by Juan Muñoz with S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna and a selection of wines and cavas   

Cooking with Chele González: Incredible, little-known Philippine cuisine.

Gallery by Chele Restaurant (Manila, Filipinas)

Chele, who trained at Mugaritz, has not only travelled, explored and brought back products and traditional Philippine cuisine, from the indigenous to the colonial, but also, with this collection of riches, which is the fruit of years of research in the field, and with his keenly contemporary mind, has propelled it to the forefront with exotic preparations that reveal unparalleled creative landscapes that have made it the best restaurant in the Philippines and allowed to get into the 50 Best in Asia.

Cooking with Kiko Moya: Salt as an element to transform food.

L’Escaleta Restaurant (Cocentaina)

The latest culinary phenomenon in Alicante is curing. It is a traditional preservation technique which, in Kiko’s hands, has become a new gastronomic category that is much more focused on enjoyment and new sensations than on preserving marine products. Cured food products that go beyond what we have seen before have led to the creation of a new space with unimaginable flavours and textures.

Matías Perdomo´s private cooking session: Contraste and its geographical roots.

Contraste Restaurant (Milán, Italia)

Of Uruguayan origin, this talented chef astonished all of Italy with his highly creative work from a “casual” perspective at Al Pont de Ferr in Milan. His new Michelin-starred restaurant Contraste, in the same city, abounds with the same restless, brazen vision, but on a relentless level of staging. His dishes are a reinterpretation of Milanese and Italian cuisine and an open nod to South America, always with a creativity that amazes with its harmonious boldness and its technical perfection touched with emotion.


Wine tasting run by Agustín Santolaya, general manager of Roda. Wine tasting run by Agustín Santolaya, general manager of Roda.
– 1999. Start of the congress. The start of the revolution
Tasting of Roda I 1999, the year of great Rioja frost, the revolution in grape prices

– 2002 and 2003. The boost given by Ferran Adrià to the event.
Tasting comparing RODA I 2002/2003 The Atlantic (2002 / San Sebastián Gastronomika) meets the Mediterranean (2003/ Ferran Adrià)

– 2008. The emergence of new Nordic cuisine with René Redzepi.
Tasting of Roda 2008, the vintage of Nordic cold in La Rioja

– 2009. OFF. The launch of wine at the congress as an essential aspect.
Tasting of CORIMBO I 2009, the launch of Roda at La Ribera del Duero, the first CORIMBO I

– 2010. New York, New York
Tasting of CORIMBO I 2010, Decanter World Wine Awards Best in Show with Spanish red varieties.

– 2013. 25th anniversary of Bodegas Roda and its legendary tasting at the Kursaal Conference Centre.
Wine tasting of the 2017 vintage, which is vintage number 25 for RODA.

Choose your Assistant with Makro 2018

MAKRO is organising the “Choose your Assistant” competition for hotel and catering students. In it, students take on the role of head chefs and their “luxury assistants” are renowned chefs. On this occasion, the four contestants will cook with María Salinas, from the restaurant María Salinas, Aurelio Morales from Cebo (which has a Michelin star), Begoña Rodrigo from La Salita, and Enrique Pérez from El Doncel (which also has a Michelin star). In the final, each participant will cook a dish based on the region from which their “luxury assistant” comes (Balearic Islands, Madrid, Valencia and Guadalajara) and the winner will be chosen by an expert jury. The master of ceremonies of the contest will the comedian Leo Harlem.

The best-kept secrets of bluefin tuna

The chef of “Tunateca Balfegó”, Ekaitz Apraitz and the chef of “La Llotja”, Marc Miró, both experts on bluefin tuna, will, thanks to the efforts of Balfegó’s R&D department, reveal the most unknown parts of this tuna, the gastronomic value of which is as surprising as it is pleasant.

Activity presented by Martín Berasategui.

Encounter on the palate Winterhalter

Winterhalter Ibérica is organising an “Encounter on the palate” during San Sebastián Gastronomika (SSG) 2018.  During the event, you will be able to enjoy a masterful wine tasting of “Jerez-Xéréz-Sherry” Designation of Origin wines given by José Ferrer Morató, the ambassador of Jerez Wines for Gastronomy. The wine tasting will be paired with a tasting of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham from La Dehesa de los Monteros.

At this exclusive event, a selection of different types of wines from Jerez will be paired with different cuts of ham from 100% Iberian pigs reared in the Valle del Genal (Serranía de Ronda, Malaga), all explained in detail by José Ferrer and José Simón, the commercial director of La Dehesa de los Monteros.

“The Great Aquanaria Atlantic Sea Bass by Yugo the Bunker”

Julián Mármol, chef of the restaurant and private Japanese cooking club Yugo The Bunker in Madrid, presents his concept in which the raw material is preserved and prepared in the most Japanese style, seeking perfection and excellence in each dish to provoke unique sensations.


The SABOR A MÁLAGA brand values agro-food products obtained from the land and sea of this Andalusian province, many of which have been known for years in many countries around the world.

Thanks to its diverse geography and the different climatology of the regions that make up the province, we have a multitude of products cultivated from the land and the sea, reared or produced by a large group of farmers, cattle breeders and producers, who, combining tradition and innovation, are fully aware of both quality and respect for the environment.

SABOR A MÁLAGA comprises a very large pantry in the province, which can offer an immense range of flavours, aromas and colours throughout the year:

Wines (traditional and modern), extra virgin olive oils, Aloreña olives, hams, cooked meats and meats (particularly suckling goat), cheeses, fruits (loquats, cherries, Periana peaches, Ronda pears, apricots, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries…), citrus fruits, Malaga raisins, dried fruit and nuts, subtropical fruits such as avocados and mangoes, honey, organic farming products, fish and seafood (fried fish from Malaga)… they make up an endless list of products that give rise to cuisine of excellence to be enjoyed in any corner of our province.