Gastronomika Street Food

This year is the year of our gastronomic revolution. Which is why the Street Food section on the Kursaal porch will offer our most representative tapas and dishes cooked by the country’s great chefs: fabada (bean stew), cannelloni, croquettes, cod…

Gastronomika Street Food

This year is the year of our gastronomic revolution. Which is why the Street Food section on the Kursaal porch will offer our most representative tapas and dishes cooked by the country’s great chefs: fabada (bean stew), cannelloni, croquettes, cod…

Gastronomika Popular

Celebrating 20 years of the congress and 20 years of culinary revolution, on Sunday morning, in the Kursaal Chamber Hall, which will be open to the public, we will enjoy a live cooking show by outstanding chefs who will share their knowledge with the audience, explain their recipes and reveal some of their tricks live on stage.

The whisper of the tuna

Leagues and leagues of seafaring routes have made me strong, powerful. It has been a long journey, through calm, rough, warm and cold waters, where I understood how much greatness the sea offers. Seaweed, anchovies, octopus and mackerel nourished my wandering way through the waters of Cape Verde, Norway and the Gulf of Mexico to get here.

Which is why I am going to tell you everything and not keep quiet. Nowhere else do they love us so much, care for us and pamper us with such devotion, which is why it was and is here that I prefer to stay. I come to illustrate rich delicacies, to captivate aromas and flavours, stimulate palates and reveal the secrets of infinite cultures. In your hands is the last step. I’ll tell you everything, but only you.

Light the stoves, wake up your tenacity, because my secrets, the culture of the sea, will now be yours. From the “parpatana” (piece below the mouth, jaw and neck) to the “facera” (the head meat and cheeks), from the “ventresca” (belly) to the “morillo” (neck), it’s all a question of taste. I entrust you with this legacy. Come here, come. The whisper will set us free.

Cooking show by Julio José Vázquez (El Campero restaurant)

Hungary and the taste of its particular tourism destinations

Dear Guest, visitors of this precious congress,

In our workshops we present how the cuisine and some traditional flavours of Hungary’s major tourism regions were affected by the country’s history. The dishes introduced upon this programme are all based on the particular ingredients characteristic in these major tourism destinations such as Tokaj, Danube Bend, Sopron, Balaton, Hortobágy-Debrecen. So as to provide an even richer taste of Hungary we plan to give a foretaste of some of our great Hungarian wines that can be paired with these dishes.

We look forward to welcome you at our workshops!

¡Estaremos encantados de darles la bienvenida a nuestros talleres!

Rodolfo Guzmán´s private cooking session: Creating avant-garde from the Mapuche culture

 Bogaró Restaurant (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

Rodolfo has dedicated himself to documenting the uses and properties of Chile’s endemic pantry and exploring new possibilities, mainly using ingredients that were never taken into account or considered in modern Chilean society. The vast majority of them were the food of the Mapuche people for thousands of years.  This has resulted in a strong collaborative effort, with more than 200 people between gathering communities and small producers throughout the country and behind the restaurant. The result of all this, viewed from the front line, can be seen in this innovative workshop.

Germán Martitegui´s private cooking session: Rediscovering forgotten Argentina

Tegui Restaurant (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Germán, the best chef in Argentina, has been working on a fascinating project for some years now: rediscovering the forgotten products, preparations and flavours of Argentina, which are hidden beyond its great meats. To this end, he has travelled all over the country, immersing himself in every region and rescuing lost ingredients, techniques and preparations that, using his contemporary talent, he has fully updated. His workshop, therefore, will be a complete surprise and an unprecedented source of culinary knowledge with a very long history.

‘READY TO USE’ demonstration by Bidfood Iberia – Guzmán Gastronomía and R&D Food Revolution

R & D Food Revolution is synonymous with innovation in the culinary world. This project, by Albert Adrià and his Belgian friends Rudi van Beylen and Dirk Peeters, brings Albert Adrià’s exclusive “ready-to-use” foams and snacks to the Spanish market, exclusively distributed by Bidfood Iberia – Guzmán Gastronomía. Join chef Luc Van den Bergh’s creative demonstration, where you will explore a completely new range of delicious cocktails, fruit foams and original snacks.

Avant-garde synthesis of Asturias and the Cantabrian Sea

Nacho Manzano is a daring explorer of the Asturian lands and seas. With a rare intuition and a natural talent for extracting all of the nuances of freshness and immediacy from them, he has managed to propel his landscape to new heights of sophisticated complexity. The menu he is proposing for SSG 18 is the panoramic expression of it all.

Lunch run by Nacho Manzano, pairings run by Juan Muñoz with S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna and a selection of wines and cavas   

Cooking with Chele González: Incredible, little-known Philippine cuisine.

Gallery by Chele Restaurant (Manila, Filipinas)

Chele, who trained at Mugaritz, has not only travelled, explored and brought back products and traditional Philippine cuisine, from the indigenous to the colonial, but also, with this collection of riches, which is the fruit of years of research in the field, and with his keenly contemporary mind, has propelled it to the forefront with exotic preparations that reveal unparalleled creative landscapes that have made it the best restaurant in the Philippines and allowed to get into the 50 Best in Asia.