Champagnes de Vigneron tasting

A historic opportunity to taste 5 of the most exclusive Champagnes in the world. Champagnes for collectors, very difficult to find on the market, produced by small wine growers on the very best plots.

There will be tasting sessions for the following “treasures”:
Val Frison “Cuvée Goustan” Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature
Laherte Frères “Les 7” Extra Brut
Ulysse Collin “Les Maillons” Extra Brut
Marguet Ambonnay Grand Cru Brut Nature 2010
Vouette & Sorbée “Cuvée Fidèle” Extra Brut.

Garnacha in the world

Ramiro Tarazona Sicilia

Guillermo Cruz (Mugaritz sommelier), Eduardo Ibañez (President of CRDO Campo de Borja) and Jose Ignacio Gracia (Director of CRDO Campo de Borja)

Master class on Garnacha in the world; description of the main characteristics of its terroirs, vineyards, production and wines.

Tasting of Campo de Borja Garnachas from Aragon (known as the Empire of Garnacha) and from other parts of the world.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Single-estate cava authorised in harmony

Guillermo Cruz and Silvia García (Mugaritz sommeliers)

D.O. Cava is presenting an enigmatic surprising tasting session for us of the very first Cavas de Paraje Calificado (Authorised Single-estate Cava), the new category of Cava. This is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to discover the exceptional quality of each vineyard and the personality of its Cavas provided by these two magnificent sommeliers.

Gramona, artisans of time

Xavier Gramona (Owner) and Linda Díaz (Brand Ambassador)

Gramona has perfected the ability to transform its wines into great sparkling wines while continuing to use 100% traditional processes: ageing with cork stoppers and manual sur latte processes, riddling in desks, and disgorging. Vertical tasting with some if its best vintages.

A unique opportunity.


The great celebration of Spanish grilling. The X San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country National Grill Competition will once again not only be mapping out the best meat and the best grill chefs in the country, but will also be the vibrant meeting point for all meat lovers, and one of the most dynamic culinary events on the current gastronomic scene.

The competition take place in a huge tasting sesión, with a profesional jury and a popular jury, made up of all the people attending the event, along with a professional jury, who will be judging the meat, cooking technique, texture and flavour.

The competition is awarding two prizes in one: for the best grill chef and the best meat.


The fifth year of this spectacularly successful wine tasting competition for couples. A challenge designed as a TV contest that tests participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge: knowledge combined with entertainment.

Wine & Win is open to both amateurs and professionals, always in couples.

Semi-final & final

The couples that are competing must take part in the semi-final, which consists of a theoretical exam and a tasting test, to reach the final.

The grand finale, with the audience taking part in some of the questions and tasting tests, consist of a series of questions and live tasting challenges that the finalists will answer from tables set up on stage with an audio-visual TV-show style design.

The official prize-giving ceremony will be held in the Auditorium.

  • 1st Prize: 2.000 €
  • 2nd prize: selection of products
  • 3rd prize: selection of products

Registration charge: 50 € per couple


This is the first cookery documentary made for the cinema to focus on the unique nature of Txokos and gastronomic societies in the Basque Country, 0-km products and Basque cutting-edge cuisine. The film, directed from New York by the political scientist Yuri Morejón from Vizcaya, in which some of the great figures in Basque cookery such as Elena Arzak, Josean Alija, Aitor Arregi or Bittor Arginzoniz will take part, will be screened on the 9th of October at San Sebastián Gastronomika 2017 and at the Culinary Institute of America, in New York, on the 18th of October.