Cooking with Fran López

Delta cuisine at Villa Retiro

Villa Retiro (Xerta)*

Chef Fran López, who has rediscovered a contemporary take on the rich cuisine of the Ebro Delta, will offer a master class with some of the most emblematic, updated and reinterpreted recipes from its ecosystem, which include wild boar with rice, marrow and truffle, slow-cooked cod with eels from the delta, moorhen in a reduction of its own jus with potato gnocchi and a carob dessert. It is a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of an unknown but fascinating cuisine.

Oysters Amélie and new consumer experiences

Cooking show presenting the latest trends in the pairings and presentation of oysters that seeks to provide an experience beyond tasting. In collaboration with Huitres Amélie, we are exploring trends in the consumption of oysters and their growing inclusion in avant-garde menus. Leaving conventionality behind, we are enhancing the flavour and getting close to a quality product for new audiences who are seeking innovation beyond lemon, tabasco and mignonette. A new positioning for a natural, exquisite product.


Monographic cookery workshops for only 40 pleople, with the most renowned chefs in the congress programme. A unique opportunity to learn the very latest techniques and concepts in 2019 in a live session.

Spanish and international chefs in the programme.

Monday, October 7th

15.00-16.00h: Private cooking with Carolina Bazán (€50)

Tuesday, October 8th

15.00-16.00h: Private cooking session with Najat Kaanache-Nur (€50)

Private cooking sessions: Francis Paniego and Miquel Brossa

Francis Paniego. El Portal del Echaurren

The ‘Desde las Entrañas’ (literally: ‘From the Entrails’) menu offered by Francis Paniego since 2013 at El Portal del Echaurren is the epitome of cuisine canaille, and has turned his restaurant into a Mecca for all lovers of this particular brand of cooking. And, of course, it has turned this great chef from La Rioja into one of its main prophets.

His star dish is ‘lamb heart tartar with frozen foie gras and vegetable fat powder’. A delicacy without euphemisms, as well as an aesthetic marvel.

Can offal be eaten raw?

Well, heart tartar is definitely offal, and it’s definitely raw. So, yes, offal can be eaten raw.


Canaille‘ dishes

Miquel Brossa presents an essay about gastronomic taboos throughout history, with offal at the very heart. He also talks about semi-drys, those gastronomic impostors.

‘Over and above what is technically considered offal in the culinary field, ‘CANAILLE’ dishes are becoming increasing popular thanks to contributions from academics such as Miquel Brossa, one of the most important gastronomes in our country and a true advocate of this type of cooking. In this work, Brossa, along with a set of top-tier collaborators, presents an extraordinary compendium of the best offal and ‘canaille’ cuisine, understood in the broadest possible terms. The essay helps define certain concepts and offers both a retrospective overlook and a modern account of the presence of these dishes in chefs’ kitchens. It also contains a hidden treasure: a series of recipes donated by renowned chefs from our country.’
Details and press articles at

Private kitchens: Nandu Jubany

The cuisine of flavour

Nandu Jubany – Can Jubany (Calldetenes)

The driving force behind the revival of Catalonian cuisine, the chef who has managed to unite in rare harmony contemporary techniques, innovation and tradition, offers an exclusive master-class in which he will reveal how to extract more authentic flavours from different products using avant-garde concepts.

Ribera del Duero: Women

The female presence at Ribera del Duero is becoming more and more important. A reality that can be seen in all areas: viticulture, production, management, distribution, sales, etc.. Women are a pillar of the Designation of Origin. Professionals with their own name that manage leading wineries. Great female oenologists whose wines have conquered the palates of international consumers. Wise, influential women entrepreneurs, who produce exquisite wines of the highest quality, which we will present at the exclusive Ribera del Duero wine tasting at San Sebastián Gastronomika.


On the 9th of October, San Sebastián will become the world Champagne capital.

Among those taking part in the competition are some of the most emblematic Champagne Houses and small winegrowers with limited production aimed at the most select consumers.

Further information at:

Latest technologies and advances in sous-vide and low-temperature cooking

Sammic & Fleischmann´s Cooking Group are sharing a technical-practical-gastronomic presentation that will aim to introduce the very latest technologies and advances in sous-vide and low-temperature cooking. They’ll be talking about the history, basic values and cutting-edge applications of these technologies.

They will be sharing live sous-vide and low-temperature functions and applications, as well as regeneration and individually controlled cooking or bag to bag, thanks to an innovative monitoring solution developed by Sammic.

During the presentation they will be offering tasting of recipes prepared by Enrique Fleischmann using the technologies being presented. The Chef Enrique Fleischmann will be placing “sous-vide” and showcasing flavours, aromas and colours: Scrambled eggs 2.0, Iberian pork cheeks with mushroom Shinkinbushi, Rocky chocolate mountains.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.


The congress is committed to healthy food for children and youngsters. With this philosophy for the present and the future, San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country in collaboration with Euro-Toques is scheduling a special presentation for schoolchildren from Gipuzkoa. In a format that is highly entertaining but educational, spectacular and participative at the same time, they will be showing live, that it is possible for food to be enjoyable and healthy.

How to become a “master sommelier”?

Isa Bal will spell out in a practical and very educational way the path you must follow if you want to become a “master sommelier”, how to learn to win wine competitions and how to become a great mentor.

Bal will also be showing us her personal and private list of favourite wines.