On the 9th of October, San Sebastián will become the world Champagne capital.

Among those taking part in the competition are some of the most emblematic Champagne Houses and small winegrowers with limited production aimed at the most select consumers.

Further information at: www.laflechedor.eu

Latest technologies and advances in sous-vide and low-temperature cooking

Sammic & Fleischmann´s Cooking Group are sharing a technical-practical-gastronomic presentation that will aim to introduce the very latest technologies and advances in sous-vide and low-temperature cooking. They’ll be talking about the history, basic values and cutting-edge applications of these technologies.

They will be sharing live sous-vide and low-temperature functions and applications, as well as regeneration and individually controlled cooking or bag to bag, thanks to an innovative monitoring solution developed by Sammic.

During the presentation they will be offering tasting of recipes prepared by Enrique Fleischmann using the technologies being presented. The Chef Enrique Fleischmann will be placing “sous-vide” and showcasing flavours, aromas and colours: Scrambled eggs 2.0, Iberian pork cheeks with mushroom Shinkinbushi, Rocky chocolate mountains.


Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.


The congress is committed to healthy food for children and youngsters. With this philosophy for the present and the future, San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country in collaboration with Euro-Toques is scheduling a special presentation for schoolchildren from Gipuzkoa. In a format that is highly entertaining but educational, spectacular and participative at the same time, they will be showing live, that it is possible for food to be enjoyable and healthy.

How to become a “master sommelier”?

Isa Bal will spell out in a practical and very educational way the path you must follow if you want to become a “master sommelier”, how to learn to win wine competitions and how to become a great mentor.

Bal will also be showing us her personal and private list of favourite wines.


D’Tapas COVAP Pasión Ibérica is a culinary competition that is being held for the 4th time this year, with a commitment to linking Iberian pork to the world of modern cookery. The search for harmony between contemporary cuisine and the endless uses of Iberian pork will be the starting point for this competition aimed at professional believers in the flavor of COVAP products.

The challenge is to create a snack featuring D.O. Pedroches COVAP 100% top-quality acorn-fed ham or any item from the selection of COVAP 100% Iberian pork products.

Three finalists: They will compete in the grand final at San Sebastian’s gastronomic week where only one of them will win the award.


A wide-ranging varied programme of activities to discover, enjoy and taste the most select products.

The workshops and activities will be held during all the days of the event, and must be purchased separately.

Monday, October 7th

17.00-18.00h: Tierra de Campos pigeon breast with its rillettes (free)

Tuesday, October 8th

11.30-12.30: The Specialists (free)

13.30-14.30h: From the fields to the kitchen (free)

14.00-15.00h: Dastatzen: Discovering the Latxo, a high quality basque suckling lamb (€40)

14.30-16.30h: Fina Puigdevall in her landscape (€70)

17.00-18.00h: Gastronomic journey of historic Hungary (peoples, raw materials, technologies) (free)

17.00-18.00h: Being digital is no longer an option (free)

18.00-19.00h: Lab Jamada. Researching the dna of cuisine from Burgos (€40)

Wednesday, October 9th

10.30-12.00h: Cádiz navigated through Jerez (free)

12.00-13.00h: Sabor a Málaga (€40)

14.00-15.30h: The maturation and other secrets of Balfegó bluefin tuna (€40)

14.30-15.30h: Application of Protected Designation of Origins (PDOs) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) in the province of Badajoz for the world of tapas (€40)

Tattooing flavours of Cadiz

Mauro Barreiro (La curiosidad de Mauro restaurant Cádiz)

The chef Mauro Barreiro will convert room 35 of the Kursaal into a corner of the province of Cadiz within the programme of the 19th San Sebastian Gastronomika International Congress 2017. This cooking show workshop will showcase products from the Cadiz region, sea and mountains, marrying them up with sherries. India, the guest country at this year’s congress, will be represented in the preparation of the dishes. The chef will enhance the local products with a geographical tour of the Cadiz region. From the Sierra de Grazalema bathed in green vegetation, he will continue on through the dense fog that descends to the coast until meeting the fine sand on the beaches, embraced by rocky cliffs, where the aquamarine colour of the Atlantic merges into a kiss with the Andalusian sun. That is Cádiz and it needs to be shown to the world! Sherries are the best accompaniment for freestyle, bold, tasty cooking like Mauro Barreiro’s. José Ferrer, the ambassador for sherries at Gastronomika, will show us how these wines “interact” on the palate with each ingredient from the dishes, multiplying the dining experience of the participant. The versatility of these wines allows them to accompany ingredients which are impossible for other wines with surprising results.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Terre Exotique. From India to our stoves

Toni Romero (Racó d’en Cesc Restaurant)

An exclusive presentation of a menu prepared with aromas from India, in search of fresh emotions for our cuisine.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

The Atlantic sea bass in contemporary cuisine

Oscar Calleja and Isaac Hermo

Exquisite show-cooking to reveal the different contemporary ways of preparing Aquanaria sea bass.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.

Desserts and evolutionary cocktails with Guzmán Gastronomía

Fátima Gismero (Culinary consultant) and Javier Caballero (Bartender).

There’s nothing contradictory about combining cocktails and pastries… Discover how to introduce some surprising new cooking techniques for your creations. We’ll discover crispy, liquid textures… And ways to pair sensations with each other. Combining cocktails and pastries: an innovative way of travelling to wonderful unknown worlds.

Seat reservations are not allowed. Open entry until filled to capacity.