Local products are vital

Sponsored by Fomento de San Sebastián

Local gastronomy, local products, are among the hallmarks of our new times. Enhancing and defending the environment and its raw materials has become something that adds value to the kitchen.

Guztiona is an agri-food cluster in San Sebastian, promoted by the Department of Economic Promotion through its company Fomento de San Sebastián, which aims to support local producers in their business, to promote them and assist them in a process of digitisation that is essential for their survival. To support them in their innovation process so that the excellence of their products is maintained.

Rebeca Barainka, from the Galerna Jan Edan restaurant, will be responsible for preparing two recipes that will feature local produce as the common denominator. The chef will cook baserri (raw sheep milk cheese) and an aguachile using oysters and prawns in a red fruit sauce in the kitchen of Akelarre To be able to do this, she will rely on three local producers. Sheila López, from Araeta, will contribute cider and txakoli; Arantxa Goenaga, from Goenaga Esnekiak, will supply yoghurt and cream; and agri-entrepreneur Begoña Julián will leave her strawberry, raspberry and pepper harvest in the hands of the chef from Galerna. 




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