Txomin Rekondo picks up the Golden Gueridon


The Golden Gueridon, the congress wine and dining award, has gone this year to the maestro Txomin Rekondo (85 años), who is still working tirelessly at his restaurant in San Sebastián (Rekondo), a place that is internationally recognised as having one of the best wineries in the world. A wine temple organised into five wine cellars, each one devoted to a specific category, each one with its distinctive characteristics regarding light, temperature… Wines from Spain, Europe and the world. 

The person entrusted with presenting the award to Txomin Rekondo himself was his friend and chef Pedro Subijana who heaped great praise on the winner: “Txomin knows about a lot of things, he’s a real connoisseur of wines, fishing, game…; above all, he really knows how to treat people”.

Gratified and overwhelmed by this presentation, Rekondo thanked the congress for having chosen him “among so many others that deserve this award” and also thanked “friends and customers who are the ones who have brought us this far”. 

This recognises a career that is still not over and for which this award, according to the award winner, “provided encouragement to carry on”.





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