Ignacio Medina wins the 2020 Journalism Award


His contribution to gastronomic journalism in Latin America over the past ten years has earned Ignacio Medina the Pau Albornà i Torras Gastronomic Journalism Award at this year's San Sebastian Gastronomika - Euskadi Basque Country.

His work in the field of dissemination, particularly in the field of gastronomic criticism and opinion, earned him this recognition from Benjamín Lana, President of Vocento's Gastronomy Division. Lana presented the award to someone he considers to be one of the few remaining journalists of his type: “Medina treasures critical capacity, independence and the basic qualities of any journalist, to distrust and question everything”. He added that, although the prize was awarded for his work as a food journalist, he could have received the award “just as a journalist”. 

Ignacio Medina expressed his appreciation for the award and was excited to receive it as an award that was also “for Latin American gastronomic journalism, which is still in its infancy and still looking for its own path”.  He also reaffirmed his commitment to criticism, as it “helps cuisine grow, stimulates progress”, and encouraged new generations of journalists to follow the path of journalism with an opinion. 





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