The dishes of lockdown of Martín Berasategui


Martín Berasategui takes advantage of his presentation to prepare a series of recipes from his tasting menu, to pay tribute to all those people that through their work and effort provide his restaurants with their best products.

Berasategui confesses that he was in shock during the initial minutes of lockdown, but shortly after he understood that it was no time to feel disheartened by the circumstances, but to get to work. So, he got in touch with all his projects, designing new techniques, new dishes and new ideas. “We’re like a player who, after an injury, goes out on to the field to give everything he has”, explains Martín with that fighting spirit that has always characterised him.  

The chef says “it has been a titanic struggle” and speaks out to applaud his team “Martín’s “truncheon” is the team he has on either side, without them, this would not be possible”, he points out.

The Basque chef went on to describe the six dishes, resulting from lockdown, on his current tasting menu step-by-step: Scallop with “Ars Italica” caviar on a bed of parsley and chive chlorophyll; an aperitif of olive juice in his brand dressing with crunchy black olive bread; egg yolk with a bonbon of basil juice, mushroom cream, a sheet of Iberian loin and shoots; hake loin with a squid tartare with nutmeg herb and lamb with carrot, orange and ginger sauce, a bonbon of assorted brains and gizzards. 

As a tribute and recognition, as Berasategui prepared the recipe, he named the producers of the ingredients he uses in the dish. “Thanks to the effort of all these people, we obtain quality products such as these”, he pointed out. 

He finished with an encouraging message for the young chefs, that he commended for their working capacity, and pointed out that in “there are still things to be seen in gastronomy” and that “we are all capable of devouring the world”. 






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