Gastronomika is being extended over five days in order to theme the sessions and cover all the subjects that are of topical gastronomic interest. Among these, it is well worth mentioning the twinning programme between Italy and Spain, the two European countries that have suffered the most from Covid.

San Sebastián Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country ‘20 has been conceptualised around various emerging culinary themes that in turn shape possible paths to follow in the future; some of which are new and others are being revisited in the light of the times we are going through. All of them express an ambitious international programme over five complete days, each one of which is highlighted by a main theme to focus attention on that day.

Five pathways, five futures that go down five routes full of prospective challenges: the revival of “bistronomy”; the emergence of “black cuisine”; the importance of the local area in the Basque Country; the major challenges that the hospitality business is facing, or the socio-gastronomical twinning programme with Italy. Five productive areas to follow and develop in the near future. Let’s take the first few steps…

Bistronomy becomes “bistro-mania”

In these complex times modern bistros in our country have recently acquired a promising importance. The world of gastronomy is watching them, and is valuing more than ever their concept of preparing simple dishes but that really arouse the senses, their enthusiasm for local produce and organoleptic qualities and their gastronomic atmosphere. The congress will be analysing this “new” field in the restaurant business through testimonies and models that will provide the keys to follow a path that we can guess will be really exciting.

“Black Cuisines Matter”

Times of change, times to examine your origins. The “Black lives matter” movement is transforming the USA and the world, and Gastronomika is joining this by focusing on its gastronomy, the dishes cooked by black chefs –men and women-, a socio-culinary “new wave” that proudly champions its racial origins and culinary ancestors, and which the New York Times talked about a few months ago as it is changing cooking in the USA. Some chefs from the West Indies and the coasts of Latin America are joining in with this wave in a programme that will be analysing the contemporary emerging “black cuisine” in depth.

The Basque Country – present

The Basque Country as a centre of gastronomic innovation, which is cross-generational and creatively introspective, will also be another of the basic themes which San Sebastián Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country ’20 will inevitably revolve around. The very best chefs from the region will be attending the congress, and some of them will even be handing over their kitchens to house presentations and cook alongside foreign colleagues.

Gastronomy in the post-Covid era

More future paths: a day to take a look at how the restaurant business has changed in this period. They’ll be talking about the shock that the Covid crisis has meant for the restaurant world, the present situation of family businesses, the need for diversification, the set menu or the future of gastro-bars and tapas bars.

Twinning with Italy

Italy and Spain will be cooking together at San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country. There will be a day of activities devoted to Italy, one of the European countries that together with Spain, has been most seriously affected by the health crisis. That is why, at Gastronomika 2020 Spain will be twinning with Italy through some of the very best chefs from both countries, who will also be cooking together at two of the official congress dinners.


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