Ángel Cortés and Alba de Pablo are by no means new faces in Soria’s kitchens.
Ángel is a third generation chef at Restaurante Duque, which opened its doors in 1961 in the beautiful town of Medinaceli. He has run the family restaurant together with his wife, Laura, for a decade.
Alba is the vibrant force behind the Casa Vallecas Restaurant in Berlanga de Duero, where Sorian avant-garde cuisine has been forged since it opened in the early 1980s. Alba returned to her roots after a period of time learning and working in some of the best, most renowned restaurants in the country, to combine the two things she likes most: baking and mycology.
Together they accepted the invitation of Soria Regional Council to present their particular vision of the use of mushrooms and fungi in San Sebastian with a number of amazing dishes, where tradition and the avant-garde go hand in hand.