“The Atlantic, which surrounds Tenerife, together with the volcanic nature of its origins, are the elements that have shaped the existing reality from which these unique, historical wines have emerged.

With this activity, the wines of Tenerife, courtesy of the island’s regulatory councils and the Cabildo de Tenerife (Island Council of Tenerife), will offer an interesting journey through the current reality of the island’s wine scene, which is marked by the diversity and richness of the different wine regions.

The Canary Islands – the so-called wine islands – and Tenerife in particular, are a varietal reserve, where a great variety of vines, which have survived in this unique, diverse and extreme ecosystem to this day, are cultivated in the island’s volcanic soil and, enhanced by a dynamic sector, have turned Tenerife into an emerging wine region, with unique and highly original wines.

This unique tasting will, in 8 preparations, offer the essence and current reality of the wine sector in Tenerife, the staging of which will be blended with products from the island, provided by Tenerife Gastro Experience.”