The province of Badajoz can be enjoyed by contemplating its heritage, enjoying its landscapes and, of course, tasting its best dishes. It offers a variety of products for all palates, processed and prepared in a traditional way so that they do not lose an ounce of their flavour or freshness. From the most exquisite meats that produce the prized charcuterie, to select fruit and vegetables, not to mention the natural sweet treats for the most sweet-toothed.

But out of all the gastronomic variety offered by the province of Badajoz, its four Denominations of Origin (PDOs) and its two Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) stand out. Aceite Monterrubio, Jamón Dehesa de Extremadura, Queso de La Serena and Ribera del Guadiana wine are the four Protected Designations of Origin offered by this province, together with Extremadura Veal and Extremadura Lamb as Protected Geographical Indications.

These products are linked to a specific geographical origin, as the region provides them with characteristics that make them unique. In the same way, all of its production phases must be carried out in a specific area and are subject to a number of inspections by the Regulatory Councils, which strictly endorse it. That is why the guarantee provided by the PDO and PGI seals give the consumer the assurance that they are consuming a product of excellent quality.

Through this activity, the Regional Council of Badajoz aims to enhance the value and potential of products with PDO and PGI status from the province of Badajoz for use in the world of tapas.