Leagues and leagues of seafaring routes have made me strong, powerful. It has been a long journey, through calm, rough, warm and cold waters, where I understood how much greatness the sea offers. Seaweed, anchovies, octopus and mackerel nourished my wandering way through the waters of Cape Verde, Norway and the Gulf of Mexico to get here.

Which is why I am going to tell you everything and not keep quiet. Nowhere else do they love us so much, care for us and pamper us with such devotion, which is why it was and is here that I prefer to stay. I come to illustrate rich delicacies, to captivate aromas and flavours, stimulate palates and reveal the secrets of infinite cultures. In your hands is the last step. I’ll tell you everything, but only you.

Light the stoves, wake up your tenacity, because my secrets, the culture of the sea, will now be yours. From the “parpatana” (piece below the mouth, jaw and neck) to the “facera” (the head meat and cheeks), from the “ventresca” (belly) to the “morillo” (neck), it’s all a question of taste. I entrust you with this legacy. Come here, come. The whisper will set us free.

Cooking show by Julio José Vázquez (El Campero restaurant)