Presentation by Pepe Raventós, Winemaker and wine grower at Raventós i Blanc, and Manu Jimenez, Best Sommelier in Spain in 2017. The following wine growers will take part:

  • Pierre and Sophie Larmandier,  Champagne Larmandier-Bernier, France.
  • Nicolas Chiquet, Champagne Gaston Chiquet, France.
  • Pierre Bettinger, Champagne Leclerc Briant, France.
  • Martin eta Anna Arndorfer, Weingut Fuchs und Hase – Austria.

A presentation on biodynamic agriculture – or the recovery of the viticulture practised by our ancestors – applied to the best vineyards in the world to obtain a great wine, which is nothing more than a wine that reflects its original characteristics, what makes it more local, different, authentic and unique.

This tasting will be a tribute to winemakers who work faithfully in this organic and biodynamic agriculture, ensuring maximum respect for the typical characteristics that the climate, soils and varieties bring to their wines, thus allowing nature to express itself to its fullest potential.

This trend is currently the driving force behind a new generation of winegrowers, whose aim is to make a wine that transports us to where it comes from and to the vintage.

Sparkling wines that are full of flavour, but also full of origin: cold, warm, temperate, acidic, fresh, mineral…

A great wine should not be perfect, because nature is not perfect either.