In a society that is increasingly concerned about preserving the environment around us, one of the keys is to consume sustainable products. In the case of meat, although we have different options in our nearest markets, not all of them contribute to caring for the environment. Therefore, we invite you to find out more about the meat of the future: healthy, tasty and sustainable.

Burgers, lamb chops, lamb kebabs, lamb tournedos and much more…

Thanks to these new ways of presenting meat, we can now eat lamb and kid any day of the week, both for lunch and dinner. Medallions, tournedos, leg steak, skirt steak, fillet steak, neck fillet, neck, chops, kebab, shashlik and burger… these cuts meet the needs of today’s consumer as they are more accessible as part of our daily diet and shopping basket.

Enjoy lamb and contribute to caring for the environment!

The EU recognises sheep and goat meat as sustainable meat that is environmentally friendly. This must be true, because, if you go out into the countryside, in virtually every corner of Spain you will find these livestock continuing to graze as they did centuries ago. And this millennia-old way of doing things not only results in exquisite, natural meat, but it also provides enormous environmental benefits.