Three years ago, we asked ourselves how to progress in the world of fermented beverages and alchemy in a restaurant. At Gastronomika, we will present El Celler de Can Roca’s ESPERIT ROCA Ars Natura Liquida project, run by the sommelier Josep Roca, agricultural engineer and oenologist Joan Carbó, and Bernat Guixer, doctor in organic chemistry.

It is a project committed to developing unique products, spirits, liqueurs and aromatic wines and to explain, interpret and contribute to the landscape of our region, as well as the willingness to understand and showcase the socio-cultural and natural facet of the products and raw materials used.

We will open new roads in the liquid revolution in this hall/room.


*Absolute aromatics for cooking


Low alcohol content:

Mongeta del Ganxet white bean sake

Cherry wine

Apricot wine

Sweet raspberry wine


High alcohol content:

Agave spirit in the style of a Mediterranean mescal

Locust bean spirit aged in a chestnut barrel

Cherry spirit



Saffron liqueur

Gentian liqueur

Panama Geisha coffee liqueur