A wide-ranging varied programme of activities to discover, enjoy and taste the most select products.

The workshops and activities will be held during all the days of the event, and must be purchased separately.

Tuesday, October 8th

13.30-14.30h: From the fields to the kitchen (free)

14.30-16.30h: Fina Puigdevall in her landscape (€70)

17.00-18.00h: Being digital is no longer an option (free)

18.00-19.00h: Lab Jamada. Researching the dna of cuisine from Burgos (€40)

Wednesday, October 9th

12.00-13.00h: Sabor a Málaga (€40)

14.30-15.30h: Application of Protected Designation of Origins (PDOs) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) in the province of Badajoz for the world of tapas (€40)