Dum Pukht restaurant (Delhi – INDIA)

Chef Gulam M. Qureshi has played a decisive role in the early years of the Dum Pukht restaurant at the ITC Maurya hotel in New Delhi. He forms part of a lineage of royal chefs, has worked at the Dum Pukht since it opened, and has been a pioneer in initiating lovers of good food in the most subtle nuances of Awadhi cooking. He learnt the secrets of Dum Pukht cooking from his father, and has adapted the recipes of Indian royalty to meet modern times.  To perfect his knowledge in this traditional art of slow cooking, he also studied old Urdu manuscripts.

Chef Gulam M. Qureshi provides his personal vision of Dum Pukht, which is still Indian cuisine but in a modernised form. As it uses very little oil, the food isn’t greasy. In Dum Pukht cooking they also use fewer spices than in traditional Indian cuisine. He was recently complemented on his recipes by the King of Saudi Arabia, who stayed at the hotel.

Chef Qureshi’s specialities include numerous traditional dishes, such as Murgh Khushk Purdah, Sabz Khushk Purdah, Hara Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Haleem, Habibia chops, Baghare Baingan, Dum Machli trout, Mahi Sarson, Dum Pukht Biryani and Mahi Dariya.

Among his awards: 1989 – “Golden Fork” Award for best Indian restaurant; 2009 – IFFCA “Best Curry” Award; 2010- IFFCA Best Master Chef; 2010- The Times of India Group Best Indian Restaurant ; 2012- Delhi Gourmet Club “Best Biryani” Award  ; 2015 – Top Chef “Best Chef in India” Award; and 2016- Easy Dinner “Best Indian Restaurant ” Award.

Talk sponsored by ITC Hotels