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San Sebastian Gastronomika - Euskadi Basque Country

Kursaal Congress Palace. San Sebastian. 2th to 5th October 2016

London, guest city at San Sebastian Gastronomika 2013

With the dates of the next edition already decided –from 6 to 9 October 2013– and design of the programme well under way, the congress organisers can now reveal one of the great innovations this year: London and its metropolitan cuisine will be one of the main guests at the event.

As customary in recent editions of the congress, as well as live performances by the best chefs in the Basque Country, Spain and from around the world, San Sebastian Gastronomika will also offers attendees an in-depth insight into a city or a country of special interest, which showcase its range of cuisine on stage. This year, London will dazzle the Kursaal Palace with its spectacular and colourful metropolitan cuisine: from traditional British specialities to the latest avant-garde dishes, including the exotic cuisine of those countries that have made London the international culinary capital (India, China, Japan, etc.), and not forgetting the most innovative business models currently being developed in the city.

Although we are still finalising some details of the programme, we can give you some names that have already confirmed, and who perfectly reflect the rich cuisine of this great metropolis: Brett Graham (The Ledbury); Mikael Jonsson (Hedone); David Stafford (Rules); Jeremy Lee (Quo Vadis); James Stappet (Bubbledogs); Issac McHale (The Clove Club) along with James Lowe, both creators of the cult pop-up The Young Turks; Nuno Mendes (Viajante), and a duet of chefs from Roka and Zuma. And we also have the Spanish contingent, who have been enjoying success in London for many years now, including José Pizarro, Abel Lusa, César García, etc.

Over the coming days we will be revealing more names on the spectacular new 2013 programme, in which, as in previous years, we will also have small-sized gatherings (workshops, talks, “cooking with”, etc.), competitions and, of course, one of our unique hallmarks of identity: live tastings from the auditorium seats, recreating a cosmopolitan and avant-garde banquet from 11am on Monday to 7pm on Wednesday.  


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