The culinary world in reverse; or how to see the greatest chefs helping up-and-coming cooks.

A genuine exercise in cooking and humility, and a real culinary spectacle in which four rigorously pre-selected cookery students present their original recipes with the “stars” as their helpers for a day.

The mechanics of “Choose your helper” are totally transparent. This consists of a national competition in which all the cookery schools in the area take part. Each contestant from each school must send Makro an original recipe, which is then validated by a professional jury.

The prize, which is what we are going to see at San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi

Basque Country, is no trivial matter for those taking part: to be able to cook and perfect their recipes live on the congress stage, with the aid of some exceptional helpers.

A jury, after the live competition, will choose the winning student and “helper”.